Coronavirus Is The Apocalypse My Anxiety Has Been Preparing For

Anxiety Or Prudence?

Am I a good mom? What if my husband gets in an accident? What if my cats escape and I never find them? What if there’s a hurricane? WHAT IF I RUN OUT OF TOILET PAPER DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC? I am an anxious person and my mind needlessly thinks of worst-case scenarios. Well for once, I can see the bright side of my anxiety. I have been preparing myself for an (imaginary) apocalypse my whole life. One that I hope lasts one month at most because I don’t want to cross over into hoarder territory.

I am a New Orleans transplant from Michigan and I am used to snow days. When I thought of New Orleans, Mardi Gras and Katrina came to mind. I now know it’s much more than that. But hurricanes sound terrifying, so when I moved here in 2018, I gradually put together a stash of basic hurricane supplies just to feel prepared. Simple things such water, non-perishable food items, snacks, a manual can opener, and a secret stash of chocolate.  Since I became a mom, I constantly worry about my daughter getting sick. I’ve had hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes in every room, my purse, and diaper bag. Thank you, anxiety!

Queen Of The Amazon

Then there’s Amazon Prime, an anxious person’s dream come true. We go together like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Amazon is a famous icon while I am its little minion, shopping away on a cell phone. I have several essentials on Subscribe & Save. Items such as baby wipes, cat food, paper towels, baby Tylenol and yes, even the highly coveted toilet paper. I felt like I hit the jackpot when a delivery of toilet paper arrived at my doorstep last week! It then occurred to me my hurricane supplies had now turned into quarantine supplies.

Shipt Happens

I don’t know how I survived without grocery delivery before Shipt. It’s been lifesaver in many situations, especially during this pandemic. I’ve been using Shipt to grow my apocalypse supplies throughout hurricane season. These last few weeks it has been a godsend. Taking a 2-year-old toddler grocery shopping is a task in itself. I can feel my eye twitching imagining myself standing in a painfully long check out line with a 2-year-old who loves to put her hands in her mouth. I am so thankful for these brave shoppers going out there on my behalf supporting the economy and picking up my perishable groceries.

If It’s On The Internet, It Must Be True

Social media can be very triggering for anxiety. Every news outlet and social media platform you click, you see mass hysteria. People lining up outside the grocery stores seems so counterproductive to the CDC’s guidelines of social distancing. It is creating a breeding ground of the virus at the grocery store, especially for the elderly and other high-risk individuals. People are panic-buying lifetime supplies of hand sanitizer and wipes. And then there’s this guy who intentionally bought 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer just to profit out of people’s desperation. Now people like my high-risk mother cannot even find ONE bottle of hand sanitizer. Or toilet paper. Is there a secret Instant Pot toilet paper recipe I don’t know about? What is everyone doing with an endless supply of toilet paper? Why toilet paper? I have so many questions.

We’re In This Together (But At A Distance)

Jokes aside, I feel grateful that I have the means to build a month’s supply over time. If you have an anxious friend, reach out to them! We most likely have the supplies you need when you’re running low. We would happily save you from the crowds and empty shelves at the store. The pandemic is a serious deal and people’s lives are at risk. It is important now more than ever to stay safe. Remember to wash your hands, clean, disinfect and most importantly, stay at home!



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