But, Who Takes Care of Me? {When Being a Mom Comes First}

I woke up like thisimage

This morning I woke up feeling like crap. I wish I could say, “I woke up like this … flawless,” a la Mrs. Carter, but alas, the sinus troubles had me feeling otherwise. I’ve been doing everything to ward it away: Emergen-C, elderberry syrup, fluids, honey, hot tea, essential oils, guafenesin, you name it. But when your kids sneeze on you and spread their snot all over every surface for weeks on end, it’s almost inevitable. And because these things always have the worst timing, I have a multiple work events set to take place tonight.

No sick days

I climb out of bed with the idea to start the day with hot tea and meds, get the kids off to school, and proceed to rest all day in preparation for the evening. I am blessed to work from home, so this is a plan that could pan out. Mind you, I NEVER take sick days. Even when I was pregnant, I didn’t miss work. The only time I ever lie down in the middle of the day is the occasion when I throw my back out (yes, I know I sound like an old lady) and simply cannot move. I am the type of person who always feels there is something Who takes care of meto be done. And let’s face it, moms don’t get sick days.

My boys (age 1 and 4) woke up pleasant and ready to tackle the day. Midway through breakfast, my 4 year old tells me his neck hurts. As his mother, I realize he means his throat. He is infamous for swallowing copious amounts of mucous when sick and proceeding to vomit (yea, it’s awesome). Sure enough, he managed to do this and have diarrhea, at school while dropping off the one year old. So he rode home pant-less, plastic bag in hand and the windows down. I was also supposed to lend a hand to my parents today, so I was forced to bail on them for fear of spreading our funk.

Over achiever

As we rode home and the stench of diarrhea and vomit filled my nostrils, I thought “But who will take care of me?” My theoretical question is usually met with silence. As mothers, I suppose this just comes with the territory. We try to be wonder woman and do it all. Perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect employee, sparkling clean home. A Donna Reed-esque Jack of all Trades if you will. But at the end of the day, we just do that best we can and laugh at our shortcomings. If possible, I will finish what work I need to accomplish, take care of my sick child, and go pick my up my one year old. When my husband returns home from work, I will pull myself together and head out, when all  I really want to do is climb in bed with tea, vapo rub and cheesy movie.

It occurred to me today that once a month I really should have a ‘me’ day. A day where I just work out, maybe pamper myself, read a book or <gasp!> take a nap. I’ve told myself this before, and I usually end up working, running errands or cleaning. Why is it so hard for us to just take care of ourselves? I want to be the best wife and mother I can be; how better to do that than start with number one? Tomorrow I will resolve to do just that. Even if it’s only one day.

How do you focus on yourself and recharge as a parent?


  1. Angelina, “ME” time is essential! My husband and I give each other a couple of hours once a week. During that time we go anywhere and do whatever we want ALONE. We also give each other a Mom/dad’s night out once a month, too, because that peer comradery is essential,as well. Good luck in this endeavor! It is definitely one that is worthwhile!!


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