Buddy Fruits: Healthy Snacks For Families On-The-Go {Review & Giveaway}

As I’ve mentioned a time or ten thousand, my son is an incredibly picky eater. He will consistently eat a few things like pouches“gogurt,” and everything else is hit or miss. He loves strawberries one day and tosses them from his high chair the next. Mealtime can be extremely frustrating because he’s unpredictable with what he’ll touch and has extremely strong opinions about what’s acceptable at any given meal. One thing that he absolutely loves, though, are what he calls “new gogurt” (aka baby food pouches). The pouch concept was new to him when he first had one, so I told him it was a new kind of yogurt and thus, “new gogurt” became a staple in our house. He particularly loves the Earth’s Best Sesame Street branded pouches because he can ask for Nelmo, Cookie and Big Bird. If they branded vegetables and meat with Sesame Street my toddler might just eat them. But probably not.

Anyway, when I got the chance to try Buddy Fruits, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I had never seen these in the store, but Andie told me that her son Andrew loves them. I know that Thatcher needs to eat fruits and vegetables, but getting him to do so in their “real” form is often a huge battle. For us, the pouches are a fabulous albeit VERY expensive way to get some nutrients into his growing body. I don’t love spending money on pouches because they really are not a good value, but we do it because there are several healthy options on the market and it’s better than processed junk.

Buddy Fruits makes several different products, including pouches, fruit bites and apple chips. snacks Thatcher enjoyed the fruit bites, and they are a great alternative to the unhealthy processed fruit snacks that I will admit to letting him eat on occasion (I needed to avoid the temper tantrum over the Finding Nemo fruit snacks for my sanity one day!) These would be great to throw in your diaper bag or purse for quick and easy snacking on the go. I actually tasted one out of curiosity, and it was easy to see why kids would love them because they are pretty sweet. But it was nice knowing that the sweetness was a result of natural fruit, not added sugar or something else. A natural product without preservatives is always better than something processed.

Of course, Thatcher was also a fan of the pouches. I don’t want to minimize how wonderful Buddy Fruit pouches are, but in all fairness our child hasn’t met a pouch he doesn’t like. He devoured these in seconds, so I can safely say that they are equally as good as any other pouch on the market and also made with natural ingredients and no preservatives. I love bringing these with us on errands because they are easy for Thatcher to handle and leave little mess behind. If Thatcher’s discriminating taste buds are any indication, then I think your kids would love Buddy Fruits, too! All of their products would actually be the perfect thing for Mardi Gras parade snacks for kids.

We’re excited that Buddy Fruits is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Buddy Fruits sample pack with all of their 23 products (one of each flavor), an approximate value of $25. 

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While Buddy Fruits sent us a wide variety of their products to test, I wasn’t required to write a positive review or compensated financially for this post.
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  1. Yep! Andrew is a big fan of fruit pouches of all sorts! Buddy fruits are on that list. 🙂 And you are right- they make great snacks for the diaper bag (especially during Mardi Gras!)


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