Bombas Will Knock Every Family’s Socks Off

Disclosure :: Bombas sponsored this post, but when every woman on our team who tries a product likes it, we are 100% confident that it’s one our readers need to know about!

Bombas :: The Socks Your Family Needs To Know About

We were late for school again today. As we began our walk of shame to the front desk, I kept my head down so that I wouldn’t make eye contact and have to answer the question of why we were late yet again. The answer today would be … socks. Today socks made us late because they were too tight, not tight enough, rubbed a pinky toe, or just felt “weird.” The morning could be going beautifully and socks would just kill every one of my dreams of making it to school on time. With three children under the age of ten, getting dressed and off to school is nothing easy. You never know what will happen to throw everyone off track. Socks are up there in the top ten reasons our day gets off track before it even begins. I can’t be alone in this, can I?!

Happy Feet = Happy Kids

We were presented with the opportunity to try Bombas socks, and while I jumped at the chance to try a new brand given our previous sock woes, I was still a tad skeptical. I mean … they are just socks, right?! I was 100% wrong; these socks are by far the most comfortable socks I have ever worn AND they have completely eliminated the sock fight with my children in the morning before school.

The day the Bombas package arrived at our door my children and I ripped open the bag to see an assortment of fun colors, as well as white crew socks for their school uniforms. My seven year old tried the first pair on and literally sighed when she wiggled her toes. She said, and I quote, “Mommy, these are the best socks ever!” She wore them all afternoon, took a bath, and put them back on to sleep. My ten year old daughter, who is the most sensitive of all of my children, picked a grey and yellow pair, her favorite color, and slipped them on her feet. She smiled and said, “they give my feet a hug but aren’t too tight.” So that is two out of the three children who give these socks a thumbs up. I was fully prepared for the third child to ruin my winning streak. My five-year old son tried a green pair on and said, “Oh, I get it. They are made so that you don’t feel your shoes. These are the coziest socks ever!” So three thumbs up for Bombas! Also, I am pleased to share that the white socks were a hit the following morning. My son was actually excited to put his socks on for school. I must be dreaming, right?

Bombas Socks Will Satisfy Even the Most Particular Runner

I decided that it wasn’t cool for the kids to have all the fun; it was my turn to try out the ankle length socks on my run the following day. I first noticed how these socks definitely do hug your feet, but not too much. They give just the right amount of arch support, which is a result of their unique honeycomb structure that “hugs your feet” just where you need it. The seam along the toe is there, but you would never know without looking. There are no annoying bumps poking at your pinky toes, and Bombas socks are ridiculously soft because of the company’s reliance on the best cotton and merino wool out there. This assures that your feet will stay dry and supported. For those of you wondering, Bombas do not slip during a run and also have a little extra protection for the back of your ankle, which is important to a runner. I could feel a big difference between the Bombas socks and my regular running socks.

Giving Back {One Pair Purchased: One Pair Donated}

Did you know that the most requested item in our country’s homeless shelters is socks? Bombas is answering this need by teaming up with their giving partners to create a sock that meets the special needs of the homeless in our communities. For every pair of Bombas socks that are purchased, the company donates a pair to a homeless shelter. Bombas is a company with a purpose, which makes it even easier for our team to get behind.

Other Mom-to-Mom Highlights of Bombas

Bombas are high quality socks that last. I have had a pair for years that have been through many washes and wears, and they are still just as soft and fitted as they were the day when I got them.

In an ironic twist, our team was in the midst of trying these socks during the coldest winter spell Louisiana has experienced in quite some time. Turns out that Bombas will work for that scenario, too!

Prepping for my walk in the “snow” this morning to our neighborhood coffee shop in Algiers, I couldn’t help but notice that these socks are pretty warm and thick, while also being soft and comfortable. I love a good patterned sock, so that is a bonus for me, too.

Join the Bombas Sock Party

After trying Bombas I do not know how we survived in any other brand of sock. This brand is erasing one of the hiccups that comes up in our morning routine almost every single day. I don’t think my children or myself will be able to go back to the store brand socks ever again. For the last two days we have worn nothing but Bombas  … so now I have to order more, as well as a set for my husband who was officially left out of the party the first time.

If you would like to order Bombas socks for you and your family, use code NOLAMOM for 20% off your first order. Your feet will be forever grateful.

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