Ashiatsu Massage :: The Best Massage of My Life

Massages were always something that made me happy. It was like taking a mini break from life. I remember the first time that I had one. I was in college and confused about what clothing I had to take off and what I had to leave on. I felt anxious as I lay on the bed in the dark room, not knowing what would occur.

It was about 15 minutes later that I felt like I was in a dream! Ever since then, it has been something that I have tried to do a few times each year.

It was a typical day as I sat in line to get an oil change when I had the bright idea that I needed a massage. Right then, right now. I had just moved back to the city and had no clue where the best massages were, so I hopped online and started looking at reviews. One, in particular, stood out.

The title read “ Just trust me,” and so I was curious as to why and what she was going to say next.

She explained how the whole massage was done on foot. So in my head, I was like.. “ No… I need my entire body worked on, not just my feet. As I read further, I finally understood that the masseuse used their feet to press on my body and give me a massage. What?? Their feet?? I hate feet!

Ashiatsu Massage — In Japanese, “Ashi” means foot, and “Atsu” means pressure, so it literally translates to pressure by foot.

It was the best and the deepest massage that I have ever had,” she wrote … by this time, I was up next for my oil change. I called Nola Bliss and asked if they had any appointments available that day. The receptionist responded with, “we actually have an opening in 15 minutes” I don’t know if I ever got more excited .… as I began to pull forward for my oil change, I drove straight through to head to the massage place. I can get an oil change another day, but this massage seemed like it was about to change my life … and it did.
I arrived there and was greeted with water and the smell of eucalyptus. It was quiet, and everyone that passed greeted me with a smile.

As I got in the room, I saw bars attached to the ceiling and a couple of ropes dangling, as if I had entered some kinky space. I got under the covers and was introduced to my masseuse. The massage was a little over an hour; life-changing isn’t even the words to describe it. I think I fell asleep about three times, as I had this deep pressure hitting every area of my body that I didn’t know needed fixing.

What to expect

  • The therapist will consult with you about your needs and goals
  • You will get the most out of your massage if you tell them about specific areas you want to be addressed
  • The massage is performed on a flatbed
  • You are covered with warm draped sheets but can expect to be slightly more exposed than a traditional massage.
  • Deep compressions and more stretching of the limbs

I have had massages before, and they were great, but this one was spectacular.

There are also a lot of benefits to this massage

  • Helps relieve pain
  • Increases flexibility
  • Helps with sleep
  • Reduces Stress

I started going every other month. They have sales promotions that suck people like me right in to get more massages than I probably need to be buying, but every time I leave, I think to myself, “this was too worth it.”

We all have things that help us relieve stress and give us that little break of “me time.”
Getting an ashiatsu massage is a great way to make that happen.


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