Find Support for Childhood Cancer at Angels’ Place

Find Support for Childhood Cancer at Angels’ Place

One of my best friends, my best man in my upcoming wedding, had his dad diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I saw my friend’s life turn upside down as he became the major caregiver for his dad. His mom had to work so my friend stopped his life to take care of his dad. He was able to extend his daAngels Placed’s life while having some quality time with his dad in his last days. I considered my friend a hero for what he did, and I tried to support him anyway I could.

Now imagine if this is your child. You have just received a diagnosis of cancer from your child’s doctor. The first and only thing you hear is that word “cancer.” As the doctor is giving you options for treatment, you don’t hear him or his words. The doctor’s voice sounds warbled and noisy. All you can think of is question after question running through your head. Will my child die? What will this do to our family? Can I handle this financially? Am I going to be able to handle this?

What is Angels’ Place?

After the initial shock, Angels’ Place steps in to help. Founded in 1997, our mission is to provide respite care and supportive services to a child with a life threatening disease and their families. We are the first person to walk in the hospital room to give the child a toy and talk to the parents giving them a supportive ear. We do not give shots, take temperatures, administer meds, or look at a chart. We provide loving and supportive care to the sick child, their parents, and even the siblings. Angels’ Place provides trained volunteers that can care for the child so parents can have a break. We can take care of needs that are not thought of as you admit the child into the hospital, such as food, gas, or lodging. Angels’ Place has a gift card program to provide these necessities. We provide activities, entertainment events and holiday parties free of charge to our clients allowing them to go out as a family for worry free fun keeping that family unit strong.

We currently reach out to 80 children with a life threatening diagnosis in Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. With their parents and siblings, we help close over 300 individuals. We provide numerous support services to our families with the need and demand for more programs growing. We count on private donations, fundraisers and public support to fund these programs. For more information on ways to help, volunteer or support Angels’ Place, please give call (504) 455-2620 or email Mark at mfirmin {at} angelsplacenola {dot} org.

About Mark Firmin

MARK FIRMIN PIC PRESS RELEASE (1)Mark Firmin is the new CEO/Director of Angels’ Place, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Metairie, LA.


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