Airway Orthodontics and What You Should Know

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Airway Orthodontics and What You Should Know

Airway Orthodontics and What You Should Know

Crooked teeth, overbites, crossbites… these are all things orthodontists fix every day. But did you know that more often than not poor sleep quality, mouth-breathing, cavities, difficulty concentrating, and even anxiety can be related to underlying orthodontic/airway problems? Seems crazy, but its really true.  

Most pediatricians are so busy trying to help their patients get well that they aren’t able to carefully evaluate childrens’ airways. And oftentimes, if their patients don’t get strep or sinus infections frequently, they never see an ENT for an evaluation. When an orthodontist evaluates achild at say 7 or 8 years old (as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists), he/she can identify the oral symptoms of potential airway problems: small jaws, crowding, crossbites, openbites, tooth wear from grinding. This is how progressive orthodontists have become the “gatekeepers” in airway management.  

So ask yourself these questions about your child:  

  1. Is he/she a mouthbreather?
  2. Does he/she struggle with sleep?  Or is he/she difficult to wake up?
  3. Are his/her lips apart while watching TV or riding in the car?
  4. Does he/she grind his/her teeth at night?
  5. Is he/she usually congested in the morning hours?

A “yes” to any of these warrants an orthodontic consultation. Consultations at Hamada Orthodontics are complimentary, and you’ll leave fully educated about the way your child is breathing, and how your child’s facial structure and teeth are developing. You’ll understand when treatment (if at all) would be beneficial, and what that would entail. Children 10 years old and younger experience the most dramatic results; however, we are able to show marked facial changes well into adulthood, all without expanders.

Dr. Hamada uses the most cutting edge technology and 3D imaging available, and her warm staff compliments her core belief of genuine care and concern for patients.  Her treatment approach begins with an outside first approach because balanced faces are the most esthetic faces. Straight teeth are important for esthetics and good dental health, of course, but harmonious faces with teeth fully filling the smile are gorgeous. And the patients who experience this know they look fabulous.  

Dr. Allison Hamada has office locations in Old Metairie and in St. Charles Parish. She relentlessly pushes herself and the specialty of Orthodontics to higher and higher levels. Complimentary new patient exams can be scheduled by texting (or calling) our office at 985-725-0509, and no referral is required.  


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