A LululeMOM Review

Danskin top and Active sports bra

I’ve never liked the idea of spending a lot of money on workout clothes because you’re just going to sweat in them, right? So, I shop around for the best deals I can find. So far, I have found these brands to work best for me: “Danskin” carried at Wal-Mart, “Active” by Old Navy and the yoga collection from NY&C – I love their yoga pants! All three brands are what I like to call “bang for your buck!” I’ve learned that you can still look reasonably cute in workout clothes without having to sell an ovary in order to afford them.

What about Lululemon?

Lately though, I’ve been seeing more and more of the high-end, boutiquey-type workout gear around town, especially this brand called Lululemon! If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry you’re not the only one! Because I live next door to two yoga/Pilate studios (Romney and Life), I can’t help but notice ladies of all ages and sizes frolicking to class dressed in head to toe of this popular brand!

When I first started hearing talk about Lululemon clothing, I did what any other curious woman would do…I googled it! To say I was positively sticker-shocked at the prices is an understatement! What was the deal with this place, and was it really worth the outrageous price tag for clothes that you’re just going to sweat in? Well, thirty-something washes later, my once black NY&C yoga pants are now brown and have pretty much lost their elastic, and my Active sports bras from Old Navy aren’t really “supporting the girls” like they used to. I had convinced myself that it was time to try something bigger and better! So last weekend, I went to check out the newly opened Lululemon store at the Shops at Canal Place, only to find that every other woman had the same idea – it was so busy! I quickly became overwhelmed by all of the choices in active wear—tanks, tops, bras, pants, crops, shorts, skirts, dresses, jackets, hoodies…

Like the acronym “KISS–keep it simple stupid”, I focused on one article of clothing…pants! Did I want to try the Groove, the Wunder Under, the Run Runder – so many choices?? I grabbed a few pairs and headed to the dressing room. Once they were on, I didn’t want to take them off – they felt so good! Checking myself out in the mirror I was like, Is that my butt? What are these made out of!?

Wunder Under Pant

Unlike many women, I actually didn’t go crazy for the classic Groove pant. I fell for the full-length leggings. I’d had a feeling that long leggings would be better for running than bootcut or flared pants; all that extra fabric at the ankles would just drive me crazy!

I typically cycle through cheap workout pants very quickly, but Lululemon promised their pants would last for five years! Five years? I’ve been married for five years, and it feels like forever! I tried on more clothes — tops, shorts, bras, jackets — and checked out their bags and accessories. I could have bought one of everything, but when you’re new at this whole “Lulu” thing, it’s better to play it safe, especially when your wallet’s involved!

Feeling really confident with my purchase, I felt even more confident the next day when I put them on to go for a run! I didn’t feel self-conscious in them. The material was just the right balance of thick and stretchy. Plus, they handled my workout way better than any pants I’d ever worn before — they didn’t droop, get sweaty, or slip around (I’m always tugging and pulling at my “other” pants to keep them up!).

So, do I think that Lululemon is worth the price tag? Hard to say. I’ve been thinking about it, and I do spend WAY more time in gym clothes than I do designer jeans, so maybe it isn’t completely outrageous to splurge on nice workout wear. I do feel confident when wearing it, which makes for more motivating workouts! I can’t speak to this yet, but I have heard that the Lululemon pieces last for years. If you’re looking for pants that will be legging-like, wear well, and are flattering to almost ANY body type, you really won’t find anything as nice. At this point, I don’t ever want to go back to my Old Navy ways, but my wallet (and hubby) may not agree! I figure if I splurge on a high quality pair, they’ll last me for years of workouts; however, I’m obviously hesitant to drop major dough on stuff I’m just going to sweat in.

Have you taken the plunge into the world of Lululemon pants? 



  1. Sarah I loved your article. I am in 100% agreement but I have to say that I LOVE getting Lululemon for gifts 🙂 —- its just that GOOOD!

  2. I took the plunge on black Friday. I went with the Wunder Unders high rise. I like that they cover my muffin top. I feel very secure in them (both mentally and physically). I would say, it was worth the splurge!


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