5 minutes to fabulous: quick and easy makeup routine

5 minute makeupMornings are hectic. I only have one child (2 year old boy), and it’s a mad dash to get out the door every day. Between trying to get him to finish breakfast, brush his teeth and get dressed, it would be easy to just put on a pair of yoga pants, throw my hair in a ponytail and call it a day. I certainly don’t have time to spend hours getting ready when I can’t even use the bathroom alone (often times he is literally sitting on my lap while I use the toilet).

Love at first blush

While I’m no makeup artist, my love for makeup began at a young age. I would get so excited when my mom’s Mary Kay supplies would arrive (she still sells it to this day), and she let me help unpack it. I confess: I also used the packing peanuts as ‘bubble bath’ for my Barbies. I loved seeing all the new products and watching my mom apply her makeup every day. Looking back, she never left the house without a fresh face of makeup. That’s probably where I get it from. Since having Jude, I had to cut my morning routine in half. I’ve learned the fastest way to wash and style my hair (that’s partly why I keep it short), de-wrinkle my clothes and make a healthy breakfast on-the-go. Cutting back on my makeup routine was tougher. I have so many different products that I can get carried away playing with them all. After some trial and error, I can now get it done in about 5 minutes and fake a full night’s rest.

As moms, we become so focused on everyone else. You deserve more, ladies!  Take a few minutes for yourself today.

My daily 5 minute makeup routine:

I know I look an angry, hot mess in the before photo. I rarely leave the house without makeup, much less take a photo and post it online. However, I felt it necessary to show what 5 minutes can do for you. To get started, a distraction for little ones is a must. I make sure Jude is armed with cars, trains and more to keep him occupied.

Before and After

What is your morning routine? Are there any products you love that I should try?


  1. Thanks for the tips and product recommendations Angelina…..Any of them particularly helpful for dry/acne prone skin? Especially the dry skin…been a big problem since giving birth and breastfeeding all of my body’s hydration away….even with drinking like 2 gallons of fluids a day. No joke. P.S. Your skin looks great, even without the make-up!

    • Thank you, Amber! I’m more on the oily side, especially in the summer. You would like the Smashbox BB cream, just add your favorite moisturizer first. I’ve tried a couple other foundations/tinted moisturizers that tend to be better for drier skin that you may like: Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Loreal Tru Match Lumi foundation, MAC Pro long wear foundation (more coverage). My sister in law has drier skin than I do and she loves the Laura Mercier foundation and the HD Immaculate foundation. My favorite nighttime moisturizer recently is Burt Bee’s intense hydration night. You’ll notice a difference in only a few days!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I never wear makeup just because I always thought it would take too long but this helped this morning I used my BB cream and your tips and was done in under 5 minutes. Do you have any tips for scarring and blackheads. I have tried everything from clique, lightening cream to microdermabrasion.

  3. Thank you for reading, Marion! I am glad the tips could help you. For blackheads, I like Mario Badescu silver powder. You really see a difference after one application, and it’s more effective and doesn’t hurt like the pore strips! For scarring, it depends how severe. Maybe try a professional microderm treatment or facial. I know laser resurfacing is very effective if it’s in your budget. I love my dermatologist in Metairie, Poole Dermatology. I did a chemical peel and other light treatments there for aging and acne and it was helpful.


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