Drizly NOLA Delivers Faster Than You Can Load/Unload Your Kids

Disclosure :: New Orleans Moms Blog was thrilled to work with Drizly on this sponsored post. Our team members were compensated, but they share only their true experience and feelings about the service below. Trust us when we say you WANT to know about Drizly.


Drizly Delivery Comes to New Orleans

This past weekend two of our team members were thrilled for the opportunity to try the new Drizly service in and around New Orleans. Drizly is a mom’s best friend. It is a new wine and alcohol delivery service hitting the New Orleans area this week! Having a bad day and need some wine but can’t muster the energy to pack up the kids and drag them to the store? {Who can do that on a GOOD day?!} Or maybe you got the baby to bed but your older kids are still up and you can’t leave but the wine shop closes at 6:00pm. No worries! Drizly has you covered. Wine can be delivered to your house in under an hour, using an app on your phone. Yes, you read that correctly, and it’s amazing!! And Drizly delivers until 11:00pm so you don’t have to stress about getting your order in.

Megan’s Experience With Drizly ::

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I tested the service over the weekend and am nothing but pleased by it. We placed an order early Saturday morning. I set the delivery time for between 1:00 – 2:00pm, and an hour before my scheduled time, I received an email reminding me that my delivery was on its way. By 1:00pm on the dot a bag containing my 3 bottles of wine was delivered. Now you might think that you would pay a premium for such a service but I promise the prices are spot on. There is a $2 delivery fee and tipping is encouraged. The bottles I bought were all about the same price as I would have found at my local shop. And speaking of local … all the wine comes from two local shops: Pearl Wine Bar and Brady’s Wine Warehouse. One of the best features of Drizly is the real-time tracking of your delivery. You can see exactly where your driver is, which is great for planning when you have to put real clothes on to answer the door (just saying…)

Jamie’s Experience With Drizly ::

This weekend I had all 3 kids and multiple events throughout the weekend, leaving me literal minutes between parties. I took Saturday morning before the chaos started to look online and Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.29.43 AMdecide what I wanted to bring to each event (which took me forever). I needed a bottle of Champagne to give to the birthday girl’s parents in celebration of surviving that first year, a six pack of beer for a BBQ, and a bottle of wine for a hostess present.

I was immediately thrilled by the website. Each bottle offered a brief synopsis of what to expect from the flavors. It made it easy to decide which flavor profile I wanted and the prices (which I expected to be higher for the luxury) were 100% fair and comparable to retail stores. Not a penny higher than I usually pay. I not-so-quickly selected my beverages and confirmed my purchase! 37 minutes later, a professional man texted me that he was at my door (and didn’t wake the baby!!!), scanned my ID (because I have the looks of youthful 16 year old – HA!), and left me with my selection. I’m hooked! Bravo, Drizly!

What’s NOT to Love About Drizly!?

Besides wine, Drizly also delivers alcohol and extras such as mixers and garnishes. They have a large selection and price range of scotch, vodka, bourbon, rum and beer. Imagine this: you are throwing a great impromptu backyard party with the neighbors. All is going great until you reach into the fridge to get more beer and realize you only have 2 left. No worries! Just tap the Drizly app and beer will be on its way. Or, your best friend just had a baby but is not up for visitors. Send them a bottle of champagne to celebrate! Get all your FAQs answered, but it really is as simple as shopping your favorite brands and then sitting back to wait!

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To make Drizly even more appealing, they are offering all first time users $15 off their first order if you use the code NOLA15. They do have a delivery zone but it covers a lot of the area, including Metairie (sorry, West Bank!).


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