Why Buc-ee’s Is A Must-Do On Your Next Road Trip

As the resident Texan of New Orleans Mom, I’m just going to say, my love for Buc-ee’s runs DEEP! It is always the first stop we make when we cross the state line of Texas and the last before we leave. Now some of you may have also heard of it, but I’m sure a lot of you are probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about.

Let me get right to it. Buc-ee’s is the greatest gas station that ever was invented. Now I’m sure many of you are scratching your head again, wondering why I’m writing an ode to a gas station, and I’m here to explain exactly why because it is not just any gas station. It is far more superior. Especially because my beloved Bu-cees, previously a Texas exclusive, has finally expanded to Alabama, just past Mobile, and directly on the way to the beach!

So, here are a few reasons Buc-ee’s is a must-stop on your next trip to the beach or Texas.

1. They have the cleanest bathrooms ever. In addition to them being superbly clean, they also are large and have real walls so my two year old can’t peep over at the stall neighbor as I’m in the middle of doing my business and unable to stop her.

2. They have all the fountain drink and coffee options you can imagine, perfect for that caffeine pick me up mid-road trip.

3. The food is to-die-for and limitless: bbq, breakfast tacos, kolaches, fudge, jerky of all varieties. You name it, they have it.

4. You can get corny road trip shirts and also some quality accessories like insulated cups and rhinestone belts.

5. The employees are always friendly and they are well staffed so once you actually park and get into the store, you’re not waiting around for someone to help you.

6. This is a bonus – they treat their employees really well and have a fairly high minimum wage compared to market competitors.

So tell me, are you team Buc-ee’s or not? And if you’ve never been, make it your mission to go ASAP!


  1. Native Texan here…Team Buc-ee’s all the way! Just hate that a “bathroom” stop always costs us AT LEAST $50!

  2. My first tip to Buc-ee’s was last month, we went on a family vacation to San Antonio. I must say that I did not know what “ALL the HYPE” was about. I really get it now, they have tons of flavors of Icees(including Horchada)I couldn’t believe it, my kids were having a hard time choosing. Then the bathrooms, SO PRISTINE CLEAN!! You are so right, the employees are nice and happy…they have ALL THE SNACKS(fruit, junk food, “real food” you could ever want….such a WIN, WIN, WIN in my book!!! My entire family enjoyed the Buc-ee’s experience


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