De La Salle High School :: Coeducational, Collaborative 21st Century-Learning, Anchored in Faith

De La Salle High School :: Coeducational, Collaborative 21st Century-Learning, Anchored in Faith

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De La Salle High School’s “Co-Ed Advantage” prepares both boys and girls for college, career, and life.

The only private, co-educational, Catholic 8-12 high school in New Orleans, De La Salle is located along the street-car line on lovely  Saint Charles Avenue. The De La Salle experience is a celebration of co-educational, collaborative, and inquiry-based 21st century learning in a college prep environment, anchored in Lasallian values.

Our De La Salle leadership and faculty believe it is important for students to experience a nurturing, co-educational environment that encourages collaborations for future endeavors in college, careers, and life.

A growing body of research indicates that benefits of co-education include:

  • Increased confidence expressing views in the presence of opposite-gender peers. De La Salle coeducation faith based education
  • Ability to make friends easily with both males and females.
  • Increased participation by girls in the classroom.
  • Exposure to varied management styles as both young men and women take on leadership roles.
  • Reduction of negative gender stereotypes through co-ed interactions.

De La Salle’s academic excellence begins with offering students an experience very similar to what most will encounter during their college careers.

In addition to co-educational collaboration, the De La Salle curriculum is based on a 4X4 rotating block schedule, which incorporates active student participation through Inquiry-Based Learning. This schedule allows students to focus on four core subjects each semester through daily 90-minute classes.

Students have the ability to earn college credit through six Advanced Placement courses and four Dual Enrollment courses. Dual-Enrollment courses are offered in partnership with LSU and the University of New Orleans.

De La Salle’s athletic program is a natural extension of the Lasallian emphasis on educating the whole student.

Our coaches strive to maximize the student-athlete’s potential in mind, body and spirit within the context of true De La Salle Open House Christian School New Orleanssportsmanship. Innovative training methods enable students to compete on a higher-level.

Partnering with Adidas Sporting Goods, Cavalier student-athletes enjoy cutting-edge apparel and equipment.  The Cavalier Nutrition Bar offers athletes the nutritional items essential for top performance.

De La Salle offers dynamic athletic programs for boys and girls, including: Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, Track and Field, Baseball, Golf, Softball, and Tennis.

From music to literature, visual arts, and languages, De La Salle has many programs and offerings to round out the student experience:

Art Club, Band, Cavalettes, Cheerleading, Chorus, Digital Arts and Technology, English Honor Society, French Club/French Honor Society, Literary Magazine, Quill and Scroll, Science National Honor Society, Shakespeare Club, Spanish Club/Spanish Honor Society, String Orchestra and Theatre all offer students the opportunity to explore their various God-given talents.

Today’s young men and women of De La Salle are guided by a legacy of Lasallian education since 1949.

The Five Core Principles of Lasallian education are:

  • Faith in the presence of GodCo-ed school in New Orleans
  • Quality Education
  • Respect for all persons
  • Inclusive Community
  • Concern for the poor and social justice

The De La Salle High School experience offers students an education that truly is a celebration of coeducational, collaborative 21st Century-Learning, anchored in our Christian faith.

We invite you to visit our Open House on Tuesday, November 6th from 4-7 p.m., or please feel free to call our Admissions Office and schedule a personal tour for your family.

We look forward to welcoming you to De La Salle, The Right Fit!

De La Salle

5200 Saint Charles Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70115


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