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Woman reading newspaper catching up on news and current events in new orleans

Now more than ever, the news and current events coming at us aren’t just headlines and soundbites, but real-world issues that can have a big impact on the lives of mothers and their families.  New Orleans Mom serves as a key resource for mothers who are looking to make sense of the latest news and current events, such as lockdowns, politics, and of course, storm preparation and response.

Our writers live here, like you, and are able to offer their own distinct New Orleans perspective on the important news and current events of the day. We take a look at the coronavirus pandemic by comparing it Hurricane Katrina, which many of us experienced nearly 15 years earlier. We offered perspective after Hurricane Ida rolled through our area

One of our readers’ favorite news and current events features is our “Be the Change” series, where we point out groups that are working hard to make the Crescent City a better place for all who live here. From a group fighting for equity in the hospitality industry to an organization providing key support for students across the region, “Be the Change” both informs and inspires. One of our most popular installments in the series was our report on Project Butterfly New Orleans, a program providing critical support for girls of African descent in our area. 

So if the news and current events of the day seem overwhelming, don’t hesitate to check out the timely, relevant, and thought-provoking updates from New Orleans Mom for a Big Easy perspective on the headlines of the day. 

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