Family celebrating Hanukkah in New Orleans lighting the menorah

What better place to celebrate the “Festival of Lights” than in New Orleans? Just like all holidays in the Big Easy, Hanukkah in New Orleans has its own unique flavor of celebration, and our writers are there to bring it to you.

From the lighting of the menorah to the spinning of the dreidel to the cooking of the latkes, our writers cover all of the New Orleans Hanukkah traditions. We talk about the perfect ways to celebrate Hanukkah throughout New Orleans, whether you’re in Uptown, Downtown, the Westbank, or the Northshore. And we even took a look at some essential Yiddish words every New Orleans Mom should know

Hanukkah celebrates a miracle in Jewish history, where only one day’s worth of oil was able to keep the Temple’s lamp lit for 8 days. That’s why Hanukkah is celebrated by lighting a candle for each of the 8 nights of the holiday. With the holiday being the celebration of miracles, writers at New Orleans Mom have told their own stories of small miracles at Hanukkah. And since the Holidays can bring together families from different backgrounds, New Orleans Mom has also experienced celebrating Hanukkah along with Christmas, with advice on how to bring these two wonderful holidays together.

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the joys of Hanukkah and our writers have all kinds of ideas for Moms who want to create lasting holiday memories for their children. For example, New Orleans Mom took a look at some of the best gifts from Disney, highlighting a handful of ShopDisney gifts for Hanukkah that will bring joy each and every night of candle lighting. Of course, New Orleans Mom is known for keeping tabs on what’s going on In and Around New Orleans, keeping on top of all there is to know about Hanukkah celebrations in the Big Easy. There are many great events that celebrate Hanukkah locally, like the annual “Latkes with a Twist” dinner, all of which are covered in our Annual Guide to New Orleans Holiday Events. So before you celebrate this year, check New Orleans Mom for all the ideas, reviews, tips, and news for everything a local mom needs to know about Hanukkah.

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