Cookies for Halloween in New Orleans

In the Big Easy, Halloween is a Big Deal! What else would you expect from the home of Mardi Gras? Just as with the other great celebrations that make our region famous, New Orleans Mom has Halloween covered, from trick-or-treating to costumes to parades to cocktails.

Like all of our celebrations in New Orleans, there are family-friendly ways to enjoy the many Halloween-themed festivities in our area. From the park to the zoo to our very own Halloween parade, New Orleans Mom contributors are on top of all the events where you can share the Spooky Spirits with your kids.

It won’t be Halloween if your home doesn’t say it. Our writers are always looking for ways to bring home seasonal celebrations, with that special Big Easy style. Just check out this nifty T-shirt design idea, which one New Orleans Mom contributor made from dollar store items.

One of New Orleans Mom’s best contributions to the local parenting community is our comprehensive guides, where we explore all kinds of activities and events that are perfect for families. 

Of course, New Orleans Mom stays on top of the latest information on Trick-or-Treating.  Our writers follow the Halloween happenings from all around our great area, including the West Bank, Metairie, Kenner, and the Northshore. And as always, the comprehensive New Orleans Mom events calendar features everything going on in October.

What about Halloween costumes? We look at whether it’s better to make or buy them. And if you’re wondering if you’re living in a haunted house, have a look at this piece from one contributor who thinks there may be a ghost hanging around. 

And it’s not all ghosts and goblins at New Orleans Mom. Our writers love all things about the Fall season, from pumpkin patches to cider cocktails. We even look at how Oktoberfest can be a new New Orleans tradition. As always, stay up to date with the New Orleans Mom blog and subscribe to the Weekly Mail for Mom newsletter for all that local Moms need to know for Halloween, as well as other local holidays and events. 

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