Easter in New Orleans, Easter Traditions, Easter Events, Egg Hunts

Ah, Easter in New Orleans – there’s truly no other celebration quite like it! New Orleans families have several Easter traditions that make the occasion even more special.

The most anticipated is dressing in your best pastel outfits, putting on your silliest hat, and enjoying the Easter parade that strolls through the French Quarter. It’s a beautiful sight seeing the parade’s colorful floats, brass bands, and of course, being showered in beads and trinkets. After the parade, families gather around for a family feast featuring southern classics like gumbo, crawfish, and a heaping plate of jambalaya. And we can’t forget an intense game of Knockin’ Eggs, which is fun for everyone!

Time spent sharing food and laughter with family and friends is truly the heart of New Orleans Easter gatherings. From egg hunts to dying eggs and making your favorite Easter-theme treats, the holiday is always and excited and joy filled time!

It’s an occasion that brings families closer, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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