Tara grew up all over south Louisiana and currently lives in Metairie with her husband Josh, and their 3 kids Dax, Dane and Delta. Tara is a buyer for a local food-service distribution company and Community Director for New Orleans Mom. During the week she can be found replying to emails, carpooling kids all around, giving out hugs and kisses, and looking forward to bedtime. Weekends are for family adventures, naps and cheering for LSU and the Saints. She loves trying new foods, travel, and she and her family love all things New Orleans, but especially Mardi Gras.

Why I Try and Always Say Sorry to My Kids

I am not perfect. There I said it. Life is hard and sometimes my fuse is short. I let work stress, marital disputes, financial worries, climate change, you name it stress me out sometimes....

The Emotional Cost of Ghosting Your Own Mother

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my mother. Some days I think of her and just miss her. Some days I feel sad; others I am angry. Sometimes I just...

Pregnancy Symptoms Everyone Neglected To Tell You About

I am nearing the end of my third pregnancy. Pregnancy is hard and weird. You lose control of your body, and there’s this tiny parasite taking over. You can pretty much google “pregnancy and...

This Mama Is Not Ready For Kindergarten

My first baby is starting kindergarten soon. A fact that has been weighing heavily on me since we went and registered him. That moment our eyes first met, when he was placed on my...

Breastfeeding: Natural But Not Always Easy

Like all things relating to babies, children and raising them, breastfeeding is a topic filled with deeply rooted opinions. Whenever I discuss anything pertaining to motherhood, I do my best to keep it real....