Nikki was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she has lived in Seattle and Portland. After visiting New Orleans, she fell in love with the city, and she and her husband decided to take a chance and move from the PNW to NOLA. Nikki has two kids, Amaya (15) and Tyson (12), she and her husband Dave have been married for 16 years, they live on the Northshore. Nikki works full time as a NICU nurse. Nikki and her family have fully embraced the culture of New Orleans, while they live on the Northshore, they play in New Orleans as often as they can. As a member of New Orleans Mom, she hopes to bring the perspective of the veteran mom and life with big kids and teenagers.

How’s It Going? :: Q and A With A Hybrid School High Schooler

School's Back In Session We've been back in school a little over a month. My kids started the year by going Tuesday/Thursday and every other Friday on a block schedule. My son (7th grade) is...

He Said, She Said: What To Believe

Disclaimer: No Kid Is Perfect Let me start by saying my kids aren't perfect and I am not the perfect parent. I know my kids and I know how they behave. They aren't sneaky and...

Y’all, I am Tired

2020 What Could Possibly Be Next? I saw a meme the other day of a man standing with an annoyed look on his face and the caption was "Wondering when we'll get a week without...

Disney In The Time Of COVID

I Quit 2020 I woke up one morning and decided I was done with all the crap 2020 had thrown at us. Times are strange and I was feeling the 2020 burn out big time....

The Truth About Night Shift

"I Won't Survive" Flashback to 13 years ago ... I'm a mom of an almost 3 year old and very pregnant, I had just passed my NCLEX. I was offered a job in the NICU...

The Hardest Time to Live Away From Family

Your Adventure Awaits We moved to Louisiana 5 years ago. We knew one person (our realtor), we had a house, and we had jobs. We had one child going into 5th grade and one into...

I’ve Become a Tik Tok Mom

Definitely Not Interested This was my first thought on Tik Tok, assuming for one I was too old for the social media video making app. I thought it was geared towards my daughter's age group...

Your Voice Is Not My Voice

Think Before You Speak Dear Captain, your voice is not my voice, nor is it the voice of the 3,500 of women you are representative of. I get that, as the captain of the largest...

She’s Missing: The Message You Never Want to See

Missing I woke up this morning to see a message that one of my daughter's long time friends had been reported missing. Without a second thought I shared the message to my social media platforms...

Do You Want To Be Friends?

We're Friends, Best Friends Remember being a little kid and seeing someone in a pink shirt, hey you like pink, I like pink, let's be best friends. Easy. As we get older things change, we...

Check Yourself: May is Melanoma Awareness Month

Melanoma Awareness Month May is Melanoma Awareness Month and also the month that I lost my dad to that very disease. This year marks the sixth anniversary of his passing, and I can tell you...

The Longest Time Out: Athletes in Quarantine

Take One For The Team These past few weeks have been some of the hardest and most uncertain days I have ever faced. We, like most families, are very routine in our daily lives; we...

The NICU and COVID-19

Visitation Is Limited These times are scary and the unknown is even scarier. We are being told to practice social distancing, schools have closed, and our friends are working from home. We don't know if...

I Confess, I Am A Podcast Junkie

How It All Began My love for all things mysterious and true crime started when I was about 6 years old and watched my first episode of Unsolved Mysteries (I mean, kids of the '80s,...