Nikki was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she has lived in Seattle and Portland. After visiting New Orleans, she fell in love with the city, and she and her husband decided to take a chance and move from the PNW to NOLA. Nikki has two kids, Amaya (14) and Tyson (11), she and her husband Dave have been married for 15 years, they live on the Northshore. Nikki works full time as a NICU nurse. Nikki and her family have fully embraced the culture of New Orleans, while they live on the Northshore, they play in New Orleans as often as they can. During Mardi Gras you can catch Nikki riding in Nyx, she even has a glitter cottage to create all her Nyx purses. As a member of New Orleans Mom, she hopes to bring the perspective of the veteran mom and life with big kids and teenagers.

Hello High School, Good-bye Uniforms

It's my daughter's first year of high school and her first year without a uniform. That's right, no uniforms in high school. In our parish, the public schools have uniforms from K-8th grades, but...


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