Maya lives in New Orleans with her husband, two daughters, and their beloved fur baby. She has 15 years of experience working in early childhood education, including roles in schools, local nonprofits, and state government. Maya currently works as a curriculum developer, where she gets to focus on one of her top interests, which is teaching reading. Her other top interests include her girls (of course), podcasts and audiobooks, anything outdoors in warm weather, and experimenting with new recipes.

Messy Play That Cleans

Priorities With a pandemic, hurricane repairs, and allll the school closures, cleaning your cookie sheets may be your very last priority. I relate to and support your thinking. Yet sometimes we need a small win. I...

School Tours and Beyond :: 10 Must-Ask Questions

It’s That Time of Year Again Front yards are decorated with spider webs and ghost parties. Pumpkin spice is in the air. It’s officially… time to start thinking about next school year. We all know that...

Back to School Blues :: Toddler Separation Anxiety

First Days of School It’s that time of year again when our little loves are heading off to school. Whether this will be your child’s first experience away from you or one of many, it’s...

Pandemic-Proof Travel with a National Parks Passport

We have dozens of family travel tips on New Orleans Mom. If you are looking for longer adventures, check out this list of budget friendly road trips from New Orleans.  Road Trips From New Orleans After 15 months of...

Two Years Old is a Magical Age

The Twos Recently my 2-year-old looked me deep in the eyes, said “scratch,” and then scratched the sh-- out of my arm. Before I was done googling “Am I raising a sociopath?” my child kissed...

Finding Balance, on a Bike :: 3 Reasons to Love a Balance Bike

What is a balance bike? A balance bike looks like a regular two-wheel bike, except it doesn’t have pedals. A kid sits on the seat and then uses their feet to push off the ground...

Why I Don’t Hate the OneApp

My oldest daughter is 4 years old, and we recently completed our first OneApp. We listed 7 choices for pre-k programs and she was accepted in spot number 4. Although I have some mostly-logistical reservations...