Katy was born and raised in Metairie where she still resides with her husband of 6 years, John. She is a stay-at-home mom to Lily, her nine year old TikTok obsessed, sweet and loving drama queen daughter, and Bart, her four year Roblox loving anything with an engine obsessed son, who makes her question daily if she is really cut out for this whole parenting thing. And soon to be family caboose, Axel. Lover of wine, crafts, and nap time. She tries to keep the "fun" in the daily dysfunction. Life as an Oilfield Wife has taught her that Life's a Hitch, just enjoy the ride.

The Punniest Parties I’ve Thrown

A few weeks ago I shared a post on Facebook that said something along the lines of “Name a movie you can recite from start to finish.” There are a few movies that this...
encouragement to stressed out mom

To The Mom Who …

As I sit here and reminisce on the last two weeks, I realize how many times I have truly questioned myself as a mother. I’ve questioned if my kids are happy, if I’m being...
It's okay to ask for help

Pushing Past My Pride

Hold your head high and be proud of what you’ve done.  You should be so proud of what great kids you have.  I am so proud to call you a friend.  PRIDE. We all have our moments of...

A Little Healing of Heartbreak Through Handwriting

The loss of someone close is something that at some point we all will go through and struggle with. I’ve lost grandparents, family members, and friends. But the one loss that I was not prepared...

My Corona-Coaster of Emotions Through 2020

Editor's Note :: This post is a raw and vulnerable look into the honest thoughts of one local mom as she navigates life and motherhood during a global pandemic. We recognize that your thoughts...

Five Years Later :: No Regrets on My Far-from-Traditional Wedding

Let’s start off with the question, who doesn’t love a great wedding?! I’m fairly certain we can all agree that they’re one of the best celebrations.  We eat, drink, dance, have a great time,...