Jaime Mitchell

Jaime was born and raised in Monroe, LA where she studied Biology/Chemistry at the University of Louisiana. After graduating in 2004, she headed to NOLA where she didn’t know a single soul! Soon after, she met her husband Sonny and together they are biological, foster, and adoptive parents to 3 (or more) amazing human beings. She recently graduated with a Master of Divinity (M.Div) and is working her way towards a career in professional Chaplaincy. A Certified Thanatologist, she has worked in hospice for 8 years and serves as a Chaplain for the JPSO. Her passion is the study of death, grief and loss, and she feels blessed that her career, education and passions all (finally) align! In addition to love for her family and those who grieve, Jaime gets pretty excited about foster/adoption, camping, cooking, podcasts, road trips, and her families non-profit, Cash For Kids.

Let’s Go Camping! 10 Thoughts to Get You Started

I grew up camping with my mom and have the sweetest memories of campfire food, vast night skies, looking for constellations, chasing fireflies, and of course sleeping in tents! As an adult, somehow I...

We Took Our Kids To An Off-Broadway Musical (And they Loved it)

Editor's Note :: this post was written prior to the Governor's mandated stay at home order. If you're interested in watching a musical online with your children while social distancing, there are a few...

Turn It Up, Mom… Kids Love Podcasts Too!

My kids love podcasts! We have been listening for years ... on road-trips, morning commutes, or an afternoon rest at home. It’s amazing how quickly they will fall silent as they listen intently to...

They’re Done with Toys: A Grief Journey

This weekend there were a lot of little boys at my house. At one point, in my front yard, we had five sports going on: flag football, soccer, tetherball, basketball, and darts. There was...

Stay Wild, Little One

My middle son is a force. He is loud and in your face and outgoing. He yells when he should probably keep it down. He runs when he should probably walk. He jumps when...

Snack, Smile, Listen: What to do When the Conversation Isn’t Yours

I sat through a dinner the other evening that was fun. The people were kind and outgoing, the food was delicious and we passed it around and shared it well. The restaurant was lovely...

Let’s Hear It For the Sisters (in-law)!

I adore my big brother… but I’ve been sour for 38 years that I don’t have a sister. Even as we speak, my daughter has amazing brothers, but she doesn’t have a sister. It...

Laundry: A Mathematical Perspective

I always said I would never use all that math I was forced to endure once I got out into the “real world.” I was so wrong. I don’t know about you, but around...

Thoughts on Opportunity (from a six year old)

I was on a road trip with my six year old niece once when we made a quick stop for a bathroom break and some essentials. We made our way through the store, picked...

To the Moms of the Little League World Series Champions

To the Moms of the Little League World Series Champions, Our family loves baseball. My husband played his entire youth and still plays men’s softball every chance he gets. Growing up, my mom was a...

From 3 to 5 Kids Overnight: Learning To Be “A Little Crazy”

Once upon a time, I was pretty sure 4 was the perfect number of kids for me. We are a foster family with 3 kids of our own, however, and one day we said...

The Priceless Role of the Foster Village People

I meet a lot of people who tell me “I really wish I could foster, but…” and I completely get it. Many people love the idea, but there are so many understandable “buts.” The...

What Happens When a Mommy Graduates

20 years ago, I graduated high school. And then I went on to college, moved to New Orleans, took my first job, met my husband and started a family. But today, 20 years later,...

A Debt Payoff Story

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. The moment we decided we had enough. The debt had to go. Our story is not uncommon or crazy but it did work and so, here...