The POWER of Safety: Power Windows in Cars Are a Hidden Danger

What goes up must come down. True or false? I never really gave it much thought until I started to write this post. I’m probably giving my age away, but do any of you...

It’s Not Child’s Play in a Driveway

How is this for a nightmare? As difficult as it might be, imagine running over a child in your vehicle. Disturbing, right? Now even harder, try to picture the child was your own, and this...

The Great Name Debate

Choosing a name for your children is, no doubt, serious business. It’s one of those major decisions that can’t be taken lightly; after all, it’s something your child will carry for the rest of...

Momma’s Little Getaway, Daddy’s BIG Escape!

The CHO (Chief Household Officer) decided to take a temporary leave of absence for a little getaway in Dallas, Texas for a few days to attend an AdvoCare Ladies Alive Conference and visit with...

Fun, Easy and Creative Ideas to Document and Capture Your Baby’s First Year!

What is the one thing you can’t ever have too much of with a newborn baby? Okay, besides diapers and wipes…pictures of course!  Whether you use your digital camera or cell phone, there will...

Protect Your Precious Cargo: Seat Check Saturday is September 22!

Hurry up!   Buckle up!  Everyone is safe and ready to go!  Wait a second … just because the kids are buckled up does NOT mean they are safe and ready to go!  Infant seat...