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Hurricane Honeymoon: Lessons in love from Hurricane Isaac

We now have a new normal here in the NOLA Metro Area. 7 years ago the small talk was to ask how people fared in the storm, where they evacuated to, where is the family;...

What do I do if my child is biting/bitten?

This is a discussion I have on a regular basis with parents of children in my practice. Toddlers bite others or even bite themselves for a number of reasons. Most commonly, this behavior is out...
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Purchasing Baby Products: Five Ways to Save Money!

Don't commit to one bottle ahead of time You might think the uber-expensive, eco-friendly, stainless steel, Kid Kanteen bottles are the coolest thing to hit the market since the pacifier, but what's really important is...

Fun with food: making edible art!

Making edible art is a great way to tap into a young child’s craving for tactical experiences. It can introduce new foods to picky eaters in a fun way and bring a smile during...

Preserving family memories: a few tips & a giveaway!

First I would like to say: I am super honored to be here today blogging for New Orleans Moms Blog. Second, I’m thrilled you’ve taken a few minutes out of your crazy schedule to...

How to save money while shopping online

Last month I gave you several tips to get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I also promised that I would remind you and explain the programs that you should sign up for...

World Prematurity Day: Do you believe in miracles?

Have you ever heard the saying, “Miracles happen to those who believe in them?” Well, after having given birth to a baby prematurely, I found myself a believer. In fact, I found that statement could...
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Socialization: Why your child should attend an early childhood program

As I was going through the Pre-K admissions process last year for my youngest child Harry, I could not help but have anxiety. Was he ready? Was he prepared? Even though all the research...

Baby Teeth: The Best Way to Care for Them

We all try our best to take care of our little ones’ teeth. We persevere through the power struggle of who will hold the toothbrush. We negotiate with clenched little teeth and pursed little...

21st Century Skills: how the Louisiana Children’s Museum prepares children for life

It’s a topic we hear mentioned frequently as educators discuss the different opportunities and challenges our children and youth face in preparing for the work world. The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)...

Saving for Santa: How to shop for the holidays on a budget

October is almost over...then Thanksgiving and then...Christmas? Nope! Guess again! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner! These are the two biggest shopping days of the year. Most people know...
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The Search for the “Perfect” Preschool

As the Admission Director at a New Orleans area independent school, I encounter the parents of prospective preschool aged students on a daily basis. Many are exploring schooling options for the first time, a...

The Language and Lingo of Couponing: Guest Post by Northshore Mama

When you think of couponing, do you imagine the Extreme Couponers from TLC with their huge binders filled with coupons and five grocery carts full causing registers to lock up upon checkout?  It can...

Prenatal Yoga in New Orleans: There’s More to it Than Om

Babies lucky enough to be born in New Orleans are not only blessed with the title of New Orleans native, but they are also fortunate that their mothers have access to a variety of nurturing wellness...