Emily Grace


Self Care :: Tune Into Yourself, Mom – You Deserve It

As I am typing this, it’s now Day 15 of my Autumn Reset. Two weeks down and one more to go! It’s been both an eye opening and beautiful journey all at the same...

Self Care :: Creating a Balance

I have been teetering on the idea that I may be entering into what entrepreneurs might call “Start-up Burn Out” again. I’ve been there quite a few times before and can spot the signs...

Celebrating Life :: At The Table

As the Momma behind The School Bakery, I often think about what it means to be a part of all the little's birthdays. How it’s this reoccurring, yearly moment, that begins on this day...

Did You Know There is a Nationwide Blood Shortage?

Did You Know There is a Nationwide Blood Shortage? Last year, one of my son’s friends needed a blood transfusion, and my son’s school had reached out to all the parents with information letting everyone...

The One Space That’s All Mine :: Running

Growing up, our family was always very active. We swam, hiked, biked, kayaked, and really took advantage of everything that there was to do, outdoors in southern Maryland and the surrounding DC/MD/VA region. By the...

Navigating the Uncertain Future Without Judgment and Lots of Kindness

This world is weird these days, to say the least. For me, it’s been triggering, confusing, and most definitely overwhelming. And each of us has our own list of reasons why, which is important...

Cypress Bend :: Discovering Louisiana

We have endless family travel tips on New Orleans Mom because we absolutely LOVE to get away from the city and explore Louisiana and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s a day trip to Fontainebleau State Park for...