Ashley Muller


The Mom with PTSD

On Thursday, September 22, 2016 a little boy asked his mom to quit smoking for his 5th birthday. And she did. But what very few people know is two days before, the mom was...

Movies and Menaces

I wrote this post end of July while I was home with Covid. I think it was day 8. I started to get some energy back and the body aches were gone. Apparently, I...

Tuning Into Transparency

The evening of Friday, August 27 was the first time I put the news on my television in years. I hate televised news. Local, national, all of it. It's not the people (most of...

Ready or Not :: Becoming A Boy Mom

I spent the night at my mom's house on a Friday night. It was February, the weather damp and chilly. My younger brother was in for the weekend from college, and he cooked breakfast...

Finding Balance – It’s OK to Sway

What is balance? Merriam-Webster says balance is the stability produced by even distribution. If you ask a mom what balance is, I think she might tell you balance is the stability produced by juggling...

Don’t Single Me Out

People often ask if it’s hard being a single mom. Being my child’s only parental caregiver and financial support system certainly has its challenges, but that’s not what makes being a parent hard. School,...

It’s Not Just a Game

Do you love setting an alarm clock on weekends? Do you love suspense? Do you love to sweat? If you answered yes to any of these questions, travel ball might just be your thing!...