Alisha Reed


10 Free Things To Do for Self Care in New Orleans

One of the most common myths about self care is that it is expensive. What if I told you that I had 10 ideas for self care that you could do right here in New...

Girl, Pack Your Bag :: Tips for Your Next Girls Trip!

We all have our tribe and belong to a group text that gets us through the day -  or the week - but sometimes that isn’t enough. Let’s face it, as moms and wives...

Mind Your Own Uterus

Once you become a mom (you haven’t even gone to your 6 week check up mind you), the question is “when are you gonna have another one?” Excuse me, but can you mind you own...

The Anti-Resolution {Stop Saying Yes, Start Saying No}

So here were are. It’s January. The gyms are crowded, everyone is posting their Vision Boards, and let’s not forget the juice cleanses and Whole 30 posts. It’s time for the New Year’s Resolution....

There Ain’t No Award for That

I consider myself a Drake fan and when his song “Trophies” came out I laughed because one of my favorite things to say is “they don’t have no award for that.” When it comes to...

My Biggest Loss

One of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life is finding out that she’s pregnant. Watching that blue line appear on 3 different tests was definitely my moment. I remember calling my parents...

Mom Can I Eat That? {Adapting to My Son’s Food Allergies}

As a pharmacist I’ve filled hundreds of Epi-Pens and thought nothing of it until I had to pick up one for my son. I never knew what life was like with a food allergy;...

I’m a Good Mom … I Think.

I came across an Instagram post from Serena Williams last week and it felt as if she had been spying on my life. She wrote about how she sometimes feels inadequate as a mom....

Too Bougie To Breastfeed

When I found out I was pregnant, I had already made up my mind that I would NOT breastfeed. I never knew anyone who did and I was not going to feel comfortable doing...