Ali Solino

Ali Solino

I Brought Store-Bought Dip to a Potluck and I’m Not Sorry

Pressing my Potluck I brought store-bought spinach dip to my company Thanksgiving potluck. I’m not sorry about it. I know what you’re thinking: “So what? People bring store-bought items to potlucks regularly. This isn’t a...

Scary Times :: Parenting through a Violent Tragedy

Life is Precious On the day my son was born, I remember excitedly looking up famous birthdays and events that happened on that day. I scrolled on Google, still in my hospital bed, and saw...

Stop Touching the Poo (Or How to Survive Being Laid Off)

First Rumblings Two days before my son’s first birthday party and a month after entering a contract to sell our first house and buy our second, my husband was laid off. I was working a...