Amanda Blaum

Amanda Blaum
Amanda is a ride or die Metairie resident. Proud MCA and LSU alum, she moved right back home after college where she met and fell in love with her husband Jason. She left career life behind her to raise her two sweet and energetic sons, Benjamin and Zachary. She is passionate about her family and friends (old and new). When she's not volunteering at school or cheering on her kids at the ballpark, you can find her working out, shopping, or watching Bravo.

He Cooks, I Clean

In our household, my husband does all of the heavy cooking. He is responsible for meal planning, buying the meat, and executing dinner. While we both grew up in traditional households where the husband...

Our House Is A No Pet Zone

Our house is pet free. To be honest I always feel a little self conscious telling people that we don't have pets and don't want any. It seems like most middle class suburban families...

Summer Is Coming :: Fun At The New Orleans Public Library

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by the New Orleans Public Library and their Summer Fun Program. Summer is Coming :: Fun At The New Orleans Public Library Summer is right around the corner. Literally it...

25 FREE (or almost free) Date Ideas In and Around New Orleans

As the parents of two small kids, my husband and I are always on the go. Between school events, sports, and birthday parties, weeknights and weekends fill up quickly. Often we fill the free...

Why I Make It A Priority to Workout

Three days a week, I wake up at 5:30am. My entire family is sleeping as I creep around in the dark, throwing on some clothes, grabbing bottles of water, and sneaking out the back...

Bye Bye MDO, Hello Big School

My youngest son is in his third and final year at MDO. He has had a great experience there. It was a life saver when both of my kids started. I am grateful to...

Let’s Get Ready For Summer :: Why My Family Joined the Club

Summers as a SAHM are tricky. While I am grateful to have the time with my kids, they get bored. This will be my 4th summer as a SAHM. As my kids get older, the...

Class Parties :: Stop The Trinkets

I love any excuse to celebrate and be festive. One thing, though, I cannot get behind: trinkets for EVERY holiday at school! Seriously, it is not just Valentines we are passing out, we are...

Our Playroom :: Where Toys Get Abandoned

In theory, having a playroom is wonderful. Your kids have an entire room for their toys, legos, karaoke machine, etc. so that they don't take over your house. It's their space where they can bond,...

Ain’t No Party Like A Metry Gras Party

Let's be real, Metairie parades have a bad reputation. The big show is in New Orleans. All the super krewes with coveted throws roll there. The city is party central from the Quarter to the Avenue....

Struggling to Make My Kids Independent

During baby's first year, at every well visit we got a checklist of milestones he should be hitting. It was useful and stressful all at the same time. Now 6 years in, that would be...

Talking To My Young Kids About Sexual Predators

Disclaimer: I am not a child psychologist or an expert on this topic in any way. I am just a mom trying to figure out how to raise my children to be aware and...

Santa Comes to Our House at a Cost

When I was young, every one I knew believed in Santa. It wasn't until I became a parent did I learn that many of my peers had strong feelings of not doing it with...

Getting Over My Disdain for Inflatable Holiday Decorations

I love holiday decorations. When I was little, my dad made elaborate Christmas decorations out of wood. He would meticulously paint them, add Christmas lights, and put them on stands to be mounted on the lawn....


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