When You Find The Right School Fit For Your Son … “There’s No Place Like Home”

When You Find The Right School Fit For Your Son

There we were finishing up middle school and debating where my sons’ next steps would take him. He has been with the same kids, at the same school since first grade. He was faced with the difficult decision of choosing to follow friends or go to a different school that he felt was right for him. As a parent I felt that it was important for him to make thisapplying to Brother Martin High School decision all on his own. Of course, we would be there to help guide him and answer any questions he may have, and we felt it necessary that he attend all the open houses regardless of his feelings towards one school or the other. After all of our school visits and spend a days (does any city do this besides New Orleans?!), we sat together and discussed each school. We went through his likes and dislikes, allowing him to share his honest feelings and impressions. The evidence was clear, and a decision was made. My son had chosen to become a Crusader! 

A Place That Has Become Home :: Brother Martin High School

From the first moment we stepped on campus at Brother Martin, my husband and I felt a sigh of relief. We knew that our son was in the right place and that he had made the absolute best decision for himself. We had an older son who attended Rummel, so this was a change for us. Believe me when I tell you that each child is completely different, and in our sons’ differences they had found themselves on different paths. That was absolutely okay with us. We were proud and excited to be on this new journey with him. My son has always been a more quiet and shy child. He is an overachiever, which can be a challenge in and of itself. We were very interested to see how he would fit in and find his place in the pack at Brother Martin. Coming from a much smaller school, we hoped that he wouldn’t belife at Brother Martin High School intimidated and too hard on himself. I guess when you find the place that “you belong,” everything just falls into place.

Our son threw himself into life at Brother Martin and hasn’t looked back. For being my shy child, we were completely astounded by his involvement and success at school. We no longer worried if he would find his place; he found it in many ways over. He decided to join the NJROTC, in which he ended up being promoted as one of the first ever 8th grade leaders. He has been honored with multiple awards and promotions in such a short time. Cooking has also been a passion of his for as long as I can remember. He would climb up on the counter with me as a toddler and want to help. At Brother Martin, our son has been able to enhance his cooking abilities by joining the Culinary Crusaders cooking club. They have given him so many wonderful experiences with local chefs and so much more. In addition to NJROTC and Culinary Crusaders, he joined Student Council. We were proud parents to say the least, but that isn’t where he stopped. He had one more thing that he needed to be a part of, maybe the most important.

He became a member of the Brother Martin Crusader Band! He has played piano since he was in preschool. This child has always had a soul for music, and being a part of the band was simply a must. The excitement of Friday night football in New Orleans is absolutely exhilarating. The players of course are important, but the band is where the heart and soul of the game happens. They bring the excitement and keep the crowds going. Being in New Orleans also means Mardi Gras, which we all know is another huge event at which bands create the magic. There is just something about music that soothes and excites us here in New Orleans, and all at the same time. No matter what we may have going on in our life, hearing my son play washes all other thoughts away. I cannot put into words the feelings I have watching my child perform and do what he loves. The brotherhood and camaraderie these boys form will forever be a part of who my son is now and becomes in the future. These are the memories he will keep for years to come; these are the bonds that will help him build his future. I am beyond proud to be a Crusader Mom, and blessed for the opportunities this school has presented to my son. 

No matter where your son or daughter may go to high school, my hope for you all is that you find a place that truly becomes “HOME.” After all, “Home is where the heart is”!

Lynda Shilling

Lynda is a mom of two son, Blaine (22) and Walker (14), who lives in Metairie with her husband of 20 years, Will. She’s also the proud dog mom of two sweeties, Pepper and Luna. She has worked as a hairstylist for 21 years (currently located at Hair Spray Salon and would love to see you). She also works as an aesthetician at Saintly Skin medical spa part time. When she’s not making your hair or skin look fabulous, Lynda enjoys fishing or hanging with friends during her free time. And, like most moms, she’s fueled by good wine.


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