We Just Have a Big Baby {My 18 Month Old Weighs 30 Pounds}

Weeks after my youngest son was born, we ended up at Children’s Hospital because of a high fever. I remember my son laying on the table while the doctor pushed on his stomach from all sides. The doctor looked at me and said, “I would like to do an X-Ray on his stomach.” I was so scared that something was terribly wrong. The nurse came in and I followed her to the X-Ray room and laid my two-month-old baby on the X-Ray table and stepped to the side. When the doctors were done, they said I could pick him up and we went back to our room. Waiting anxiously for the results, I remember hugging my sick baby and praying everything was alright. The doctor soon came back and kind of laughed, “Well we have good news, your son just has a big belly and it isn’t swollen.” I sighed with relief and if I had known that’s what he was checking for, I could have saved us some time.


My fiancé and I co-parent three children from our previous relationships, and we had always talked about adding a fourth to complete our family. Weeks before our youngest son was born, I went into nesting mode and organized all his clothes from newborn to toddler. Little did I know I wasn’t going to be needing anything between 3 to 9 months. When our son was born he wasn’t a 15-pound baby, he only weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces. Imagine my surprise when he turned 3 months old and we were already in 18-month clothing. With this possibly being my last baby stage, I tried to hold onto infancy as long as possible. It was hard though. Instead of having this little baby, I had a baby in a toddler’s body. There was no real baby stage for me and what I did have went fast. There were days that I struggled to hold him because of his size and weight. I just felt guilty that rocking this sweet baby was something I physically struggled to do.


After every pediatrician appointment, I look at the recap of the appointment and see 99 percentiles in height and weight. I finally stopped being surprised and just came to realization we just have a big baby. He isn’t a baby anymore even though his older brothers seem to still think so. In fact, he just turned 18 months old. I am sure you are wondering what size he is now and if he slowed down growing. Well the answer is no! He is currently in 3t-4t and he weighs more than his 3-year-old brother. He and his 3 brothers are currently eating us out of house and home.

Anyone else experience a bigger baby and child? How did you handle this? Did they eventually average out?

Janice Rae
In 2016, Janice migrated to the great city of New Orleans from her hometown Atlanta, GA where she obtained her Bachelors degree in Finance from Georgia State University. Being a corporate mommy has been challenging but she is lucky to work for such a great corporation that understands her first job is at home! Janice and her fiance Dan co-parent three children from their previous relationships. Together they have Jordan who is (1). Being a big blended family can be hard, but full of love and a ton of fun!


  1. My son just had his 15 month checkup today, he is 34.5 inches and 30lbs 2.5oz. I was looking up to see other large babies and found this site

  2. So my 1st dude was born at 37 wks and was 7.5lbs. At his 6mth appt he was super chunky, very tall, and at the 99th percentile for both height and weight. We’ve bounced between that and the 98th percentile ever since. He just turned 5 and is the tallest in his grade and, although he probably weighs the most too, is almost unusually muscular. Like, the kid has a 4 pack and muscular legs. We definitely aren’t weight training with him lol and I’d say he’s about as physically active as any other 5 yr old… he’s just got a different body type. So your big guy may keep that height, but may not stay chunky forever!

  3. My daughter was 9lbs5oz at birth so I also felt like she grew too fast. She just turned 3 and weighs 40lbs in a size 6 clothes. Lucky for me she slowed down a little lol


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