The Secret Stain Remover Every Mom Should Own

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My Secret, Magical and Powerful Stain Remover

getting red clay out of baseball pants
Exhibit A :: before Dawn Powerwash

Have you ever watched your child sliding into a muddy 3rd base and thought, “well those pants will be real fun to clean.” Has your child joyfully jumped in mud puddles after a rainstorm leaving dirty water on their clothes? Do you sometimes wonder what in the world your kids did at school that day? I know I am not alone in the endless battle against mud, grass and marinara sauce.

As the mom of a 10 year old boy in his 6th year of baseball, I spent many years thinking that removing grass stains, red clay and dirt from baseball pants was absolutely impossible. While I realize that the pants just get dirty again at the next game, it still drove me crazy to see him getting dressed in stained pants. One day another seasoned softball mom clued me in to the magical, secret stain remover of our dreams. I was skeptical of course, but she has two older daughters who have played softball for many years and so I figured she wouldn’t lead me astray. I am here to confidently tell you that you should absolutely add this to your laundry room immediately.

Add to Cart :: Dawn Powerwash

how to get red clay out of baseball pants
Exhibit B :: after Dawn Powerwash, a trip through the washer and dryer

To be clear, I believe this product is really designed and intended as a kitchen cleaner and used to remove grease from pots and pans. I know it sounds odd to use a grease fighter on baseball pants, but trust me on this because it works! I have also used it on my stove, and it does wonders there as well.

Dawn Powerwash is now a tested, tried and true staple in my home. We’ve used it on multiple pairs of baseball / softball pants after games, on regular play clothes after trips to the snowball stand, on muddy school uniforms and so much more. I literally spray the Dawn Powerwash on the problem area (it comes out in a continuous spray as a foam without any water needed), rub the product into the stains, let it sit for 15-20 minutes (give or take) and then wash the garments as usual. With some stubborn stains I have to repeat this process twice, but for a busy mom with multiple kids in multiple sports, this is a dream come true. I truly don’t have time to make my own stain remover solutions at home or soak things for excessive periods of time, so not only is this product effective BUT it is very easy and efficient to use. Win, win, win.

It takes all of about 30 seconds to apply it to even the dirtiest baseball pants and works better than anything I have tried for red clay in particular. If your kids are playing baseball and softball right now, head over to Amazon, add to cart and thank me later!

Have another easy stain remover secret? Spill it. Literally.


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