The Moment You Decide You Need a Mommy Car

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The Moment You Decide You Need a Mommy Car

It’s POSITIVE, you’re expecting. Your adoption agency called, you’ve been placed. The slamming of the gavel just confirmed your foster child will now be your forever child. Or maybe you’ve decided to expand your family.

But will your current vehicle accommodate your child(ren) and all the gidgets, gadgets, toys, bags, strollers and the continuous list of must haves? Oh what about groceries too? Before starting my family, I drove my 2000 two door, fire red Honda. I sat in that car forever feeling like I was 21 with my hair blowing in the wind.  Shockingly, the car I loved so much just didn’t accommodate this new phase of life. Motherhood. Did it work? Yes! The truth is, it was just too difficult to fit a baby in my two door vehicle. It was simply too difficult to get him in and out of the backseat.  A decision had to made, it was time to get a new car that was more accommodating for this baby and all of his accessories.

Let’s Go Car Shopping!

Here are my non negotiables (some wants too) for a new car. This check list of wants was specifically inspired by the opportunity to view the all NEW 2019 Subaru Ascent ::

The look of the Subaru Ascent – If I purchased a new “mommy” car, I’d better still look cool while driving. The Ascent has a variety of sleek, fun, cool colors to choose from including my favorite, the Crimson Red Pearl. The leather seat option also makes cleaning spills and little dirty hands and feet easier.  The heated and air conditioned seats along with the rear sun shades are some additional features are sure to keep this momma and her littles cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Storage – The third row, midsized SUV offers ample storage. The trunk space with or without the third row folded down, can accommodate a stroller, groceries, and luggage. Additional storage is available in the front row’s console. May I mention the 10+ cup holders available, so drink and store all the milk and water until your little’s hearts are content.

Automatic trunk opener – On those rainy days, the idea of holding a baby while trying to load groceries just sounds like a very uncomfortable experience. With the click of a button, the trunk automatically opens and serves as your automatic assistant and additional coverage from the pouring rain.  This feature just makes life easier while rolling with the kiddos.

Captain seats – While this beautiful SUV can accommodate up to 8 people with the bench option, I’d prefer the option of 7 passengers to have the captain seats. The option of the open area between the second row would allow other passengers easier access to the third row. A bonus, the chairs are easy to fold.

Safety – An extra set of eyes. The Ascent is packed with safety features including a front view camera that displays a 180 degree view of the front of the vehicle, a blind spot detector with lane change assist, reverse automatic braking, and stellar crash test ratings.

Wi-Fi – With cell phones, tablets, and all the technology we use, particularly on road trips, the Ascent offers ample Wi-Fi capabilities with up to eight USB charging ports. Everyone will be happy road trippers.

What are your non negotibles when you are car shopping for a family car?

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  1. We are considering the Ascent! I love The look of Subaru and one of the only drawbacks in my opinion was the lack of a 3rd row vehicle. This car addresses that concern!


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