Mom or Ref: Adventures in Boymomhood

Here in New Orleans, I know we can all appreciate a good referee, right? ((Too soon?))

If summertime with my two toddlers has taught me anything so far, it’s that I’m basically just a glorified ref who also fetches snacks. Also that I need multiple venti iced coffees if I’m going to get through the day.

Summer 2019: brought to you by the Starbucks drive-thru

I’m sure most moms with kids close in age can relate, but man oh man do my boys like to fight with each other. I’m not talking about just fighting because someone stole a toy from the other and they’re mad at each other. NO. I’m talking about the WWF Smackdown that happens in my living room multiple times a day. Where they body slam each other in to the sofa and proceed to laugh and laugh and laugh some more.

Growing up with no siblings close in age to me – both my brother and sister are 15+ years older than me – I was NOT PREPARED for how much my kids would be fighting with each other. The fact that I can’t even stop them from wrestling with each other for 5 minutes is beyond me. My husband grew up with two brothers, so I think he could see this coming. I, on the other hand, did not expect it to be so constant.

Being an anxious mama, I’m always scared that one of them is going to accidentally hurt the other. Not necessarily my oldest hurting my youngest, because my youngest is one tough cookie and could probably do some damage himself, but just someone getting hurt. Sometimes it really gets to me because I feel like if I could just get them to stop wrestling, I’d be better protecting them. Something I’m learning though, especially in the few short weeks since summer began, is that I most likely can’t get them to stop wrestling with each other. They’re brothers, and they’re 2 years apart. I’m sure they’ll be wrestling for years to come.

All of this to say, I’m learning to try and back off on the helicopter parenting a little bit. I try my best to protect them as much as I can, but they’re going to fight and wrestle and all I can do is be their referee to break it up when I need to.

Any mamas out there with kids who like to fight with each other for fun? Should I just expect it to always be like this and give up my quest to get them to CHILL OUT on the wrestling? Any tips on how to get them to not want to fight with each other 24/7? Leave any & all recommendations in the comments so we can all help each other out!

Meghan Culpepper
Meghan lives on the Northshore with her husband, Brandon, and their two boys. She grew up on the Northshore and happily settled back in to raise her family there. When she's not playing referee between her 4 & 2 year olds, she enjoys watching the Food Network and trying to actually learn how to cook (or bake!) Meghan loves being a boy mom and can probably win at any kind of Ninja Turtle trivia.


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