Just Do It: My Motto for a Fun-filled Summer


I’m not going to lie and say summer is my favorite, because it isn’t. Basic fall girl right here. The first cool breeze, pumpkin spice lattes, football, leggings, whew I’m excited for fall already! I think being 10 months pregnant in the sticky, Louisiana August heat a couple years ago possibly scarred me from summer forever … at least that’s what it feels like sometimes.

I have been worried about the impending last day of Mother’s Day Out and pre-school for the boys, especially since lately it seems like all I do when they get home from school is break up toddler fights and make sure everyone has snacks and drinks AT ALL TIMES. I’m choosing to change my attitude for the summer though!

I read somewhere that we only get 18 summers with our kids before they go off to college. Obviously, I knew that but actually hearing it and reading it made me realize that can seem like such a short period of time. 18 summers to make memories with our kids before they become adults. I want to make the most of my summers with my boys…and any future children we might have. Looking at you, hubby…

Having two boys, one who just turned 4 and the other who will be turning 2 in August, you can imagine that things get a little rowdy in our house. Being so close in age, they always want the same toys or cups or sock, you name it! Which can quickly turn in to a fight. Which can quickly turn in to one of them hitting the other a little too hard or knocking each other down, you get the idea. Being cooped up in the house all day acting as referee is NOT my idea of summer fun …

… which brings me to my motto for this summer: JUST DO IT.

As in, get out of the house and do something! I find that whenever we get out and about and actually have plans or go do something, we all have a better day. As difficult of a task as it may seem to take two rambunctious toddlers out, the days always seem to go by faster and we have more fun and less meltdowns (whether that’s the boys or mama!)when we do.

New Orleans Moms Blog just posted an AMAZING summer bucket list guide for NOLA that has some really great ideas to get out with your kids over the summer. I definitely am using it as a resource to create my ultimate summer bucket list for our family!

What are some things on your summer bucket list? Do you love to get out and go with your kids, or do y’all enjoy doing things around the house more? Send any and all rainy day activities my way please!

Meghan Culpepper
Meghan lives on the Northshore with her husband, Brandon, and their two boys. She grew up on the Northshore and happily settled back in to raise her family there. When she's not playing referee between her 4 & 2 year olds, she enjoys watching the Food Network and trying to actually learn how to cook (or bake!) Meghan loves being a boy mom and can probably win at any kind of Ninja Turtle trivia.


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