Quick and Cute Valentine Ideas For Under $20

Looking for some cute, easy and affordable Valentine ideas? Look no further!

There are two kinds of moms when it comes to holidays: moms who do the absolute cutest things in the world that leave you wishing that you had that much time or creativity, and then moms who do the bare minimum. It is not because she wants to just slip by; in fact, it could be for any number of reasons. She could be crazy busy at work, have lots going on with the kids or simply doesn’t grasp the cutesy stuff.

I aim to be somewhere in the middle, if that even exists. Thanks to Pinterest, you can fake creativity these days. And when you combine Pinterest with Etsy, you can absolutely execute any idea.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the Valentine exchange is impending. Are you ready? Did you pick up the $4 box of Valentines from Target, or are you still debating what to do?

Well, fear not. Here are some quick, cute and budget friendly Valentine ideas that you can knock out this weekend and totally hang with the cutesy mom in the class.

All of these feature a downloadable label that can be customized to fit your child’s name. For me, that cuts down on having to write her name 20 times, which is worth the couple of dollars they cost. They are all available on Etsy, so the turn around time is usually only a day or two since there is no shipping.

There are two ways you can attach the label. The first is Avery labels. You can pick them up at Target, Wal-Mart or Office Depot. They are easy to run through the printer, and then you peel and stick the labels. Or you can simply print the label on regular paper and tie them on as a tag.

The Apple of My Eye

This is super-duper easy and does not require candy, which is a plus for moms like me that can’t resist the chocolate when it enters the house.

  • GoGo Squeeze at Wal-Mart (you can purchase a 12 pack for around $7)
  • Etsy downloadable custom labels from Dots and Gingham. You can get a variety of designs but I love this one:

healthy valentine ideas

A Bubbly Kinda Day/You BLOW Me Away

What kid doesn’t love bubbles? This is actually my personal Valentine favorite and I do this one each year.

  • Target sells bubble sticks in the Valentine’s section. They are 24 in a pack for $3. Or, if you can’t find those in the party section of the store, they sell miniature bottles 24 in a pack for $4.
  • Etsy downloadable custom label from Sprout My Party.

Popping to be Your Valentine 

Popcorn is my kind of cooking. Since there is even a button on the microwave to get this done, this is a low maintenance but still cute idea. Plus, if you don’t feel like popping it yourself you can purchase popcorn already popped or even low or no salt healthy options.

  • Popcorn, popped or un-popped, will run you around $5.
  • Sandwich bags, although you probably have these on hand already. A box of 100 costs $3
  • Etsy downloadable custom label. This one is pretty gender neutral.

Dough You Want To Be My Valentine? 

While I am personally anti Play-Doh due to the mess it makes, this Valentine idea is adorable! You don’t need the full size Play-Dohs. Target and Toys-R-Us both carry a party size bag which contain 15 mini sizes in it.

  • Party-sized Play-Doh. 15 in a bag for $7
  • Etsy downloadable custom label. Make sure to ask for the correct size, but these labels come in a friendship version and a robot version.

Here Fishy, Fishy!

With quite a bit of flavors and colors to choose from, Goldfish are an easy item to grab at the store this weekend.

  • Goldfish (flavor of your choice), about $6
  • Sandwich bags, although you probably have these on hand already (a box of 100 costs $3).
  • Etsy downloadable custom label, $7

What kind of Valentines are you doing this year?


  1. Love all of these! I need to pin these for next year’s reference. Coincidentally, Elizabeth & I are working on valentines for Addie & Andrew at lunchtime- we’re doing a goldfish themed valentine with free printable labels we got off a blog!

    Honestly, I think the ones like this where you just peel & stick a label are way easier than the ones we had as kids because we don’t have to fill out each valentine!

    I have had fun searching for cute ones online. 🙂


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