5 Reasons I Won’t Let My Toddlers Watch Star Wars

5 Reasons I Won’t Let My Toddlers Watch Star Wars

star-wars-899694_1920GASP! I know, I know. Before all you #nerds come after me with a pitchfork er, lightsaber, hear me out. I am a Star Wars fan, truly. No, I did not grow up watching them but I was introduced to them when Episode I was released. A note to all of you who don’t know/don’t care about Star Wars, they were released in an un-sequential order: meaning that episodes 4-6 were released first and then episodes 1-3 years later. My boyfriend at the time insisted that I watch Episodes IV, V, and VI to prepare me. So I obliged and #nerdalert, to my surprise (and my girlfriends’ horror), I LOVED them. I am not a romantic comedy girl at all, give me a thriller or suspense movie … and apparently Sci-Fi. So there, I do like Star Wars. I saw Episodes I, II and III in the theatres, and contrary to some Star War’s diehards, I thought they were great too, just different. With the upcoming release of Episode VII, I put the entire boxed set in my husband’s stocking this year for Christmas. #wifepoints Have I convinced you that I am not a hater? As my husband and I settled in to watch, starting of course with Episode IV, I wondered if this would be suitable for my 4.5 year old and almost 3 year old. I had plenty of friends sharing their decision on social media to take their children of similar age to the new release. I set out to watch the movie and decide afterwards upon which my immediate answer was absolutely not. No way. And here’s why:

  1. They are rated PG. I allow my kids to watch Disney Junior and Disney movies until their hearts are content. Movies with a PG rating means that I watch them first to ensure the content is what I am comfortable with. Anything higher than that is an absolute no. Call me old fashioned. After watching, I was uncomfortable with the subject matter and some battle scenes. I am well aware that Star Wars has themes I would want to teach my children, like love, hope and bravery. I am equally aware that half of the media directed at children does not promote or teach any of those values. That’s fine, my children aren’t allowed to watch everything geared towards children.IMG_2088
  2. They are only little for a short while. They have their whole lives to watch them, for now, Mickey, Jake and Paw Patrol will have to do. These years are fleeting and soon enough, the shows and movies that make them smile wont capture their interest. For now, they do. So I will stick to what is innocent and one day, when they are more mature, we will scroll further than Disney Junior.
  3. I am not ready to discuss the dark themes that are in Star Wars. My oldest is very inquisitive and curious about life and death, love and hate, relationships … I could go on and on … as he surely does with his endless questions. I am not ready to answer his questions about why ::spoiler alert:: a father {Darth Vader} would want to kill his son {Luke Skywalker}. That is just too deep of a conversation for the carpool line.
  4. My kids saw a 3 minute clip of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle show (ahem, daddy was in charge), and they acted out those fight scenes on each other for days. It always ended in tears and inevitably a time out. No, I do not need to give them any more inspiration for their “play fight” games. I referee enough and would prefer to minimize the recreations of light saber battles.
  5. My parents were watchful and mindful of what we were allowed to watch. I know some may say I was sheltered but I felt like I was actually age appropriate in a world where that is no longer a priority. I strive to do the same for my children. I try hard to not be influenced by how others parent and instead, make choices that feel right for me and my family.

Do I think my kids would turn out to be heathens if they watched? Absolutely not. They’d probably be just fine. Do I think it’s wrong if you bring your kids to Star Wars? Again, not at all.

That is the beauty of the world we live in; we all choose what we think is best for our children and our families.


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