Tips for Traveling with Toddlers!

Although summer is coming to an end, there are still opportunities to travel with your family (Last minute summer vacations, Labor Day weekend getaways, etc.)! Do you know what that means? Road Trip Time! Traveling with toddlers can be pretty difficult, especially when your little ones are potty training or teething. We recently took our second road trip with our babies, and I’d like to share my top 5 tips that made both road trips a little less “rocky”:

1. Plan Ahead Using a Packing Checklist: About two weeks before the trip, I created a checklist in Microsoft Excel of all of the things I needed to pack in our suitcases. Also, I needed as well as a list of duties I needed to fulfill before the trip. I’d be happy to share the details and the link to the spreadsheet with you guys in another blog post if you’d like.

2. Pack lots of snacks and drinks: Pack some healthy snacks such as fruit and veggies in a small cooler (Yeti brand is my favorite) to limit the amount of times you have to stop for food.

3. Leave SUPER early: Depending on the length of the road trip, I always like to leave in the wee hours of the morning. During that time, the kids would most likely sleep the entire time (as they would if they were at home in bed). By doing so, you’d be able to knock out most if not all of the travel time without having to stop several times for restroom breaks, diaper changes, or to console an extremely fussy baby!

4. Yay Youtube!: Download their favorite Youtube videos (as many as possible) to your phone or tablet so that they’ll be able to watch them if they get bored. Also, you can download their favorite shows or movies from Netflix and Google Play. Be sure to press  “DOWNLOAD” on each video because once they’re downloaded, you technically don’t need the internet for them to play; therefore, when you’re on the road and you’re passing through areas without great signal, it won’t affect their videos.

5. Learning on the go: I made sure to pack my kids’ sight words and alphabet cards just to have a little balance with screen time. Also, I wanted to stay semi consistent with their everyday routine of learning their words and letters for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour.



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