YouTube Babysits My Son

I remember being pregnant and saying that I would never let my son watch an iPad because it was “bad” for him. Fast forward three years and guess who makes sure that thing is fully charged? Me. Yes me! 

Yes, I have come to the realization that my son probably could have used a sibling or playmate … but, if you are familiar with me, then you already know we are not going down that road. 

YouTube babysits my son. When I need to clean the kitchen or do laundry, I turn on the iPad. When I’m tired and need to just relax, I turn on the iPad. When I need to use the bathroom in peace, I turn on the iPad! I can totally see why ToysRUs went of out business. Ryan is my son’s best friend. Oh and he’s even developed a British accent, thanks to Peppa Pig! 

Do I think that it makes me a bad mom? Nope and neither should you! Sometimes we have to do what we have to do! I know he’s safe and he’s not getting into anything … at that moment. We even bring it to dinner, pack it for long car rides and definitely bring it on airplanes.

Yes, I’ve heard about the studies. According to The Vision Council, 72 percent of American parents report their children routinely engage in more than two hours of screen time per day. Are you surprised? Too much screen time has been linked to obesity, vision loss and behavioral issues. Do you realize that as adults we spend lots of time on our phones, iPads and computers too? Schools are even utilizing electronic learning devices. We are all doomed! LOL 

Since I’m feeling a little bit of mommy guilt, I’ve researched some healthy tips for managing screen time and plan to implement a few of them to justify my continued usage. Here they are:

  1. Set a time limit and enforce it. There’s an App for that. 
  2. Limit types of programs and games 
  3. Encourage activities that do not involve electronics 
  4. Cut off time before bedtime 
  5. Set an example. Limit usage too. 

When he’s not watching Ryan review his toys, he’s watching one of  three educational programs and games: 

  1. ABC Mouse
  2. PBS Kids Games
  3. Drawing Pad

What are your thoughts? Do you let your child use a tablet for entertainment? How much time do they spend on it daily? What are they usually watching? Let me know in the comments! 


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