Why Our Family Chooses Trinity Episcopal School in New Orleans

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Trinity Episcopal School. That said, we are honored to share this lovely post written by a local mom (and former New Orleans Mom writer and staffer), Catherine Karas.

Why Our Family Chooses Trinity Episcopal School in New Orleans

Trinity goes through Eighth Grade, and middle schoolers are the leaders of the school community.My boys are in their third year at Trinity Episcopal School, and my love and appreciation for the school knows no bounds. There are so many wonderful options in New Orleans, and we feel lucky that we found a school that fits our family so well.

Trinity is more than just a school for us—it’s a true community. And what a wonderful community it is! The parents of my twins’ classmates understand that if we want to teach our children to be kind and inclusive, we must embody these values ourselves. From the minute we became a Trinity family, we have been welcomed with open arms and have seen that same effort and openness intentionally extended to all. We have been surrounded by kind, thoughtful parents, and my sons, in turn, have been surrounded by classmates where these values are prioritized at home.

But it’s not just the Trinity family that has made us confident in our children’s education. It’s also the School’s emphasis on the whole child. Trinity is known for its challenging academics, and it’s something they do very well. But Trinity offers so much more than that. From Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade, the school gives ample opportunity for children to thrive beyond the classroom.

The Pink House, where our boys are now, houses the Prekindergarten and Kindergarten classes. I love that their play-based curriculum makes learning fun and interactive and doesn’t rush these precious years. Specific attention is given to teaching children’s social Why Our Family Chooses Trinity Episcopal School in New Orleansand emotional intelligence in conjunction with academics. I want my children to be well rounded and am grateful for the foundation Trinity is building. My sons’ confidence has soared since starting Trinity, and I love hearing the internal voice they are helping to build in my children. Just yesterday, I overheard one of my twins pumping himself up by using his class mantra—“This is hard, but it’s okay because I can do hard things!” Shoutout to their amazing teachers who nurture the students with thoughtfulness and care.

We also chose Trinity for how this chapter will eventually close. Trinity goes through Eighth Grade, and middle schoolers are the leaders of the school community. I am a former middle
school teacher and know all too well the precarious nature of these years. I am such a fan of the fact that in these impressionable years, Trinity middle school students have the opportunity to build leadership skills and develop a strong sense of self. What an opportunity to add to the foundation of confidence and character that begins in the Pink House!

Plus, I am excited we will have time to discover who they are as learners before exploring high school options. The high school application and decision process will be wonderful preparation for when they head off to college.

From the beginning to the end of the Trinity experience, there is an emphasis on molding more than just students. They seek to develop good and whole humans. And they do both of these things—the academics and the character—so well. After all, as much as I want my sons to thrive in the classroom, I want them to be functional, happy, and kind people as well.

I’m thankful our school is so much more than just a school. After all, my children are so much more than just students. Trinity has been such a wonderful experience for our family, and I’m thankful for such an incredible partner in raising our children.

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About the author

Catherine was born and raised in small town Georgia. She met her college sweetheart (and now wife) Claire at the University of Georgia. She has been a New Orleans local now for 15 years, and she and her wife are moms to five year old twin boys.

Catherine Karas
Catherine followed her college sweetheart (and now wife) Claire to New Orleans after they both graduated from the University of Georgia. She is a twin mom, a stay at home mom, a boy mom, a Disney mom, and a 2 mom family mom...just to name a few. She throws a mean toddler play date and loves to host small humans in her home for themed out events! She is often planning her next great family adventure, and she is never scared to pack her twins up for a trip solo! Her parenting mantra is "embrace the chaos", and there is plenty of that when raising twin boys! You can follow her family adventures on instagram @krewedekaras


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