When They’re Too Big for Summer Camp :: Tulane Pre-College Offers a Solution to “Brain Drain”

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tulane Pre-College and was written by Kristin Guidry.

When They’re Too Big for Summer Camp :: Tulane Pre-College Offers a Solution to “Brain Drain”  

Summer can be more than just fun…

Summer is a magical time for students. The day-to-day routine of classes and teachers is replaced by fun, sun, and a huge range of activities – none of which are school!

As a parent, you know that while you value their enjoyment and free time, you worry about your kids losing academic ground over the summer break without the structure of classes and teachers. Some people call it “summer learning loss”, but most of us call it “brain drain” – and without positive and consistent reinforcement, students can fall behind their peers during their break.

Tulane Pre-College offers another option, because fun and function shouldn’t be exclusive. Through a huge range of enrichment and for-credit courses that cover fields of study like STEM, political leadership, architecture, and the humanities, we offer a social and academic environment unlike any other in Louisiana.

We’ve designed our programming for rising 6th through 12th graders, and through Tulane instructors and working with their peers, our offerings are collaborative, project-based, and focused on blending classroom work with effective hands-on learning.

Tulane Pre-College will help your family take a bite out of summer “brain drain” and have a blast at the same time!

Project-based learning for middle school students

Middle schoolers can have a rough time of it. They’re not little kids anymore, but they also don’t experience the freedom and flexibility of older students when it comes to the classroom. Some students need help building their confidence in their abilities, while others are desperate for more challenge and rigor. And some students are simply looking for a deeper experience when it comes to exploring the topics that capture their imagination.

This is where Tulane Pre-College’s Enrichment offerings come in.

Consider these questions:

Why do zoos look like they do?

How do you make a video game?

What is space exploration like?

How are prosthetic limbs created?

What do Legos and robots have in common?

For each of these questions, we have an Enrichment course for middle school students to help them understand not only the basic answer, but their scientific and cultural roots. This kind of holistic learning is so much more than getting the correct answer, because understanding how systems work is the root of understanding how to find and create better solutions. By providing a safe and engaging on-campus environment, we empower your students to discover this valuable life skill and apply it both inside the classroom and their lives outside of it.

Preparing high school students for the rigors of college

High schoolers have a lot on their minds. College looms large for them, but it’s also a distant and somewhat unreal future. There’s so many things going on in their lives that summer can be a respite, but also a potential pitfall.

At Tulane Pre-College, whether you select an Enrichment or for-credit option, your high school student can not only get a taste of what a college course is like, they are also able to develop their college resumes. This will help them in their college search process and is a valuable addition to their application packets regardless of what higher education opportunity they choose to pursue.

Your student can also earn college credit in our programs in STEM, Women’s Leadership, Architecture, and the Humanities.

Click here for a full breakdown of all our course offerings.

The Tulane Difference

Tulane University has a long academic tradition that serves as the foundation for the excellence of our summer programs. Our dedicated staff and faculty come together to provide a transformative educational experience for Pre-College students. Tulane instructors focus on the learning skills students build from group-based projects and tactile instruction, bringing their years of expertise to the lives of students like yours.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to campus this summer!

Learn more about Tulane Pre-College Enrichment HERE.

About the Author

Kristin Guidry was born and raised in New Orleans. She can always be found at the Fairgrounds during Jazz Fest. Kristin currently serves as the Pre-College Admission Counselor at Tulane University. Prior to starting at Tulane, Kristin was a classroom teacher for 10 years in New Orleans and is passionate for getting students excited about STEM initiatives, both in and out of the classroom. She is the proud parent of a dynamic 8 year old daughter. Kristin can be reached at [email protected]!


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