What Will YOU Find Here?

Disclosure :: This post and video is sponsored by The Louise S. McGehee School.

What will YOU find here?

Joy. Voice. Courage. Self. Purpose. Freedom. Potential. Superpower.

McGehee is a school of girls for girls. Join us on a journey. 

  • Where academics meet the arts and where girls learn to think creatively and critically. 
  • Where our low student : teacher ratio means that each girl gets individualized attention and support. 
  • Where girls are placed first and foremost. 
  • Where our students enjoy more than equal opportunity—they enjoy every opportunity.
  • Where our girls become leading women.

At McGehee, we don’t just change how a girl sees her world. Here, we change how a girl sees herself and, that, is a superpower that lasts forever. We can’t wait to see what you will find here!

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