What’s on My Virtual Learning School Supplies List

School is back in session for most students across the globe and some parents are choosing virtual learning for their student(s). Aside from the traditional school supplies list of pencils, pens, and notebooks students attending school virtually need computers, desks, and items of that nature. Other than computers and desks, some parents (like me) may be looking for practical things to make homeschooling, and even in some instances simultaneously working from home, easier for everyone.

The items listed on this post may be of use to any parent, student, teacher, and beyond to make this year as smooth as possible for everyone. And as a mom who is doing virtual learning for my little learner, here are the items I think would be of use to our family and hopefully of use to other families as well.

student learning on a computer

Blue Light Glasses

With virtual learning and many kids staying home due to social distancing regulations, kids are spending more time in front of screens. Some students are required to stay in front of the screen for the duration of a traditional school day. Blue light glasses come in handy for this because they protect the eyes from straining and headaches from screen usage.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Aside from traditional headphones, noise-canceling headphones can be beneficial for listening and blocking outside noises and distractions. Noise-canceling headphones are great for virtual learners who may have a sibling playing or a parent close by on a work call while simultaneously amplifying the quality of desired sound.

JLab Studio ANC Wireless Headphones – $47.99

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones – $29.99 (Sale Price)

headphones on top of books


Baby monitors, as they’re usually called, have come along way in the past few years. They now have some that have way more parental controls such as the ability to speak to the child from another room, panoramic view of the room, and making them a good item to have while parents are working from home and a child is doing schoolwork in another room. Besides a baby monitor, there is smart home technology that allows 2-way audio, announcements, built-in calendar, and much much more.

VAVA 720P 5″ HD Display Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio – $159.99

Amazon Echo Show 5 – $69.99

Bulletin Board & Dry Erase Board

These two can come in handy for students of any age and even parents. Bulletin boards are great for reminders, pictures, or even to have to decorate for special holidays or events that are usually done in a traditional school, that you may want to do at home. With dry erase boards, they can be used in a number of ways from math to a behavior chart or as a board for reminders. The options with these are endless for everyone. Pinterest maybe your best friend for decorating them.

Quartet Combination Board – $25.59

Global Industrial™ 36″W x 24″H Combination Board – Whiteboard/Cork – $29.95 (sale price)

FORAY Magnetic Dry Erase/Cork Combo Board – $34.59

Rolling Cart

A rolling cart can be used to store supplies, headphones, notebooks, snacks, laptops, and pretty much anything else needed for at-home learning. One of the number one aspects of rolling carts is their ability to be rolled to any room in the house, essentially making any room the classroom.

Lexington 3-Tier Rolling Cart -$29.99

Honey-Can-Do All Purpose Rolling Activity Cart – $126.99 (sale price)

Are there any other items you would add to this virtual school supply list? 

Monique Navarre
Monique is a life long resident of Slidell, LA and mom of two little girls Elie (4) and Eden (1). An aspiring educator, millennial, 20 something, unexpectedly single, mom of two who’s raising girls all while still trying to find herself. She is admen about changing the stigma of being a single mother all while helping other single mothers like herself, and mothers in general, because at the end of the day she feels we are all mothers no matter what our household entails. She loves coffee, McDonald’s Sweet Tea (light ice please), and will try almost any food out there, and most importantly spending time with her daughters.


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