Today We Cry

Today We Cry.

Today my child is not feeling well. It’s one of those things where there’s literally nothing you can do. As the mom, I’m supposed to be the one who has the answers, right? The one who says “take this medicine,” “here’s some ice” or “take deep breaths” and the problem is resolved. So what happens when it’s not? What do we do when they are still feeling crappy and you’ve done all you can?

dWhether it’s emotional, physical or some combination, as mothers we just want our children to be healthy and happy. When a stomach bug just needs to run its course or your home is learning to adapt to a long-term diagnosis, life can be hard.

Today we cried. We rocked and we cried. I couldn’t help him. He couldn’t help himself. We cried and then we talked. I told him I felt helpless and wanted to give him the magic answer. He told me he wished it were different. We promised to be patient with each other as we worked though not knowing how to express ourselves in these moments.

When my kids were all babies, they truly believed I knew everything there was to know. Now, as they get older they know that’s just not the case and it’s okay. Seeing me cry or struggle isn’t an ego bust. It’s raw and beautiful and real. It helps them to understand we don’t have to have the answers. We have to be empathetic and try to help each other. We have to be patient and kind.

In the tough moments, I wished I knew just what to say or do to help my child every time they felt pain or struggle. Afterward though, the experience of working through it far outweighs the benefit of immediate solution.

So today, we cry.


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