Tips for Parents to Help Their Children Become School Ready

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How Can Parents Help Their Children Become School Ready?

Have you ever wondered, what exactly is school readiness? How will putting together a puzzle benefit your child in school? What is meant by social emotional development?

Parents can assist their children with becoming school ready from the time they are born. It doesn’t have to begin with reading, writing, and arithmetic; however, it can begin with communication, experiences, and play.


Self-talk (talking about what you’re doing) and parallel talk (talking about what you see your child doing) foster communication in young children. This helps them make connections to words and actions. For example, “I’m giving you a bath” or “I see you’re putting together a puzzle. Great job!” Connections to words and actions can also be made by consistently reading books to your child.


A simple visit to a museum, zoo, or grocery store can help with school readiness. Describe the experiences, discuss what is seen and heard, and allow your child to touch and explore. Participating in activities like these can be useful when your child enters school and is encouraged to share real-world experiences, write or draw.

A play center, playground, or play room in the home are all beneficial to your child’s learning. It could involve caring for a baby doll, building with blocks, taking turns on a slide or playing in a sandbox. Play is beneficial to a child’s social (or emotional) development as well as physical development.

School readiness refers to how ready your child is socially, physically, and academically. Ask yourself, “Is my child ready for school?”

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About X. Patrice Wright, MEd, Parent Educator

X. Patrice Wright, M.Ed. worked in education for 22 years, and started as a Kindergarten teacher.  She then became a math coach, a Louisiana State Department employee, an administrator, and also worked in central office. In her previous roles, she thoroughly enjoyed providing professional development and coaching teachers.  Her passion for working within the early childhood sector never faded, and she firmly believes that giving children a solid foundation in their early years sets their path for academic success.  She received an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and a master’s degree in Educational Administration from UNO.  She has one daughter.  Patrice teaches school readiness classes, classes for parents of teens, and shares in staffing the Metairie Center.


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