Quarantined The Second Week Of School

Twenty-one (21) weeks out, one (1) week in, and one of my children is already quarantined. We all knew the 2020-2021 school year would be a roller coaster ride. However, I chose to have an optimistic attitude going into it. Reality hit and now I find myself confronted with virtual learning much sooner than I expected.

You would think our experience in the Spring would have made this easier. Nope, it is still hard. Maybe it is just my kid. In their mind home life is about having fun, snuggles on the couch, and playing on their iPad. They resist doing their schoolwork even though they have already been in this situation before. I feel like the whining, complaining, and frustration are worse this round. Possibly because they were yanked out of school after finally going back. Perhaps because their sibling is still going to school. I can’t say I blame them. Here I am a full blown adult, and I am screaming on the inside (while smiling on the outside) that I have to force them to do the work at home.

Let me say that the teachers have been wonderful. Our frustration is NOT fueled by the teachers or the school. I appreciate that the school is going above and beyond to keep the students and faculty safe. Our sweet teachers are home trying to motivate the students the best they can virtually, which is not easy. None of this is easy on any of the parties involved.

Of course there are bright spots in every situation. It has been rewarding to see the progress my child makes daily in their work. When I am not struggling to keep them on task, I enjoy experiencing the work with them. I also get an in depth glance at what it is like in the classroom. It is fascinating to get detailed explanations of daily lessons and processes. This experience validates that my child is in great hands.

The bottom line is: I am not a teacher and our home is not the same as the classroom at school. Our family is not deterred by this early set back. Our motto for 2020-2021 is that we have to roll with the punches. My hope is that these trying times make us adults and the children more resilient and stronger people.


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