Presidential Qualities :: NOLA Kids Speak Up

Being the President of the United States is a BIG job. With the Presidential race splashed all over the media, inevitably most of our kids have seen or heard something from one of the candidates. But what do they think it takes to be the President? We asked NOLA kids from all walks of life just what qualities the next President of the United states should have, and they spoke up! Here’s what they had to say:

Presidential Qualities

“A kind, caring person.” – Barrett, 8

“A person who thinks about what is best for everyone.” – Kadence, 7

“Ummm….a boy. A 30 year old boy!” – Gavin, 6

“A strong, old man.” – Dylan, 4

“Liam would make a good president. Because he is bossy.” – Noah, 8

“A mom.” – Oliver, 7

“Is that someone who is in charge like Elsa?” – Annelise, 5

“Um, Um, Chase. Chase from engineering. I think he’s 9.” – Weston, 4

“Batman, because he saves the day like Superman.” – Weeks, age 5

“Hmmmm. Me? I would say you do your homework, you are in school. And you. You can do whatever you want. That’s a good leader.” – Thatcher, 5

“Mommy.” – Hadley, 3

“Hmmm… How about Spider-Man? He shoots webs and kicks spooky ghosts and *makes punching motions* does this” – Dillon, 3

“You. Because you got me some slippers and I wanted those.” – Mark, 5

“Drew Brees because he is the greatest football player who ever lived.” – Jude, 5

“Provide homes for the homeless, be good, allow people to stay in the U.S.A., be good”. Sophia, 7

“He should respect the country and he OR SHE should make fair laws and they should make the country fair and stuff. Two crazy ones: no school for kids and free candy for everyone. I would like that.” Abigail, 8

“Someone who says no guns and no murder and kids should only be allowed to play on the Xbox for not long only a little while and should play Life is Strange because there’s no guns and not play Skyren because it’s violent.” – Kaden, 7

“A person who would always be nice and hard working. He should love his country and care about other people and their life. He should make sure everything is perfect for others lives. People will care about him and what he’s doing for them.” – Benjamin, 7

“Jesus.” – Isabella, 4

“It should be a girl. She should plant a whole garden for her office and make it beautiful. And paint her room. She should check all of the towns and make them beautiful too. And she should be nice.” – Elizabeth, 5

“A person who is helpful, a good leader for everybody, nice, funny, and a good teacher.” – Eden, 8

What qualities do your kids think the next President should have? Ask them! You might be surprised at what they have to say!


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