Why Parents of Online Gamers MUST Know About (and Install) Kidas

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Kidas. If you are the parent of a child who enjoys spending time online, especially gaming, you are likely concerned about their safety. Enter Kidas, which “alerts you when your child is exposed to bullying, online predators, sexual content, hate speech, and other toxic behaviors on online multiplayer PC games.” Kidas offers a free trial and 100% satisfaction guarantee!  

Why Parents of Online Gamers MUST Know About (and Install) Kidas

Why Parents of Online Gamers MUST Know About (and Install) KidasLike most moms of tween boys, my son loves online gaming and like most moms, I also want to encourage him to pursue his passions. Online gaming, however, means that he has access to chatting with other players across the globe. If I am being honest, and this probably won’t surprise you, the ability to converse with others translates to anxiety for me as a mom. While I want my son to enjoy the benefits of interacting with his peers, unfortunately, in a world where pedophiles exist, this can quickly escalate into something horrific. Not very long ago, one of my son’s peers began engaging with an adult online that posed as a child. This adult seamlessly convinced the child to provide their home address and physically picked the child up from their home. It goes without saying that I immediately wanted to end all access to gaming. That’s a pretty natural reaction for parents when something scary hits so close to home.

How Kidas Keeps Kids Safe on PCs

Through my role as a writer for the Louisiana Mom network of sites, I recently (and fortunately) was introduced to a PC software monitoring system, Kidas. Kidas is designed specifically to monitor communications on PC games. If you are the parent of a “gaming kid,” then you already likely know that PC games are quite popular in this circle. Kidas will send alerts to you when your child(ren) has been exposed to any form of cyberbullying, predatory behavior, inappropriate content, etc. while engaging in online multi-player PC games. Now before I go any farther, I need to stress that currently Kidas is designed for use with PCs only and does not work with Macs. Again, though, a lot of gaming is happening on PCs, which is why this software is such a useful safety monitoring tool for parents.

Now that we have installed Kidas, I receive a report to my email every Tuesday. It lets me know how long my child has been online, identifies any detected risks and explains what these risks mean. Each email provides a “threat legend” so that you understand the meaning of the report you are receiving. One of the most important alerts to me is the “Privacy Violation.” You are notified if your child(ren) shares any personal information with others. Additionally, Kidas constantly monitors for any scammers, predators, or any otherwise inappropriate contact. It is also important to note that Kidas is built to protect your child’s privacy. The reports that are sent do not share specifics of the conversations; rather, they are meant to alert the parent when an issue arrises.

Another perk is that when a threat is detected, Kidas provides tips for having conversations with your child about these threatening behaviors. I know for our family that it is sometimes hard to approach these conversations, as important as they may be. We are truly parenting in unprecedented times with the amount of technology that bombards are kids at every turn. The reality is that our kids aren’t just gaming at our homes; they are also likely to game with their friends at other homes. Therefore, these tips about having conversations regarding online safety are critical in feeling confident about sending our kids into the world. There are also “articles of the week” that help you to learn more about these behaviors and potential online threats. In a world that is ever changing, these articles help keep you on top of what you need to know. If your kids is going to be an online gamer, you may as well be informed. Knowledge is power here.

What You Need to Know About Kidas:

  • The first one is a repeat from above; Kidas only works on computers with Windows operating systems.
  • If your child is a Roblox gamer, you will need to connect Kidas to their Roblox account. Don’t worry about remembering this because if Kidas detects Roblox on your PC it will immediately prompt you to connect the account.
  • Have an avid gamer? Kidas monitors more the 120 games including Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft and Discord.
  • While downloading can be a little cumbersome (but oh-so-worth it), the FAQ section of the website is very helpful. Any troubles downloading can easily resolved by adjusting the permissions, which Kidas prompts Windows to ask you to allow. Simply agree. Do not be afraid to ask questions because Kidas is worth it!
  • You do have to subscribe, but may cancel at anytime (though you won’t want to). It is a mere $6/month so foregoe one Starbucks for your kid’s safety. You can choose a monthly or annual plan.

After a few weeks of using Kidas, I can truly say I feel much safer allowing my child to engage in online gaming. In fact, instead of being the helicopter mom while he is playing games, I can allow him to play freely while I continue with my day. I am that confident that Kidas will catch and notify me of any threats. I highly recommend this product to moms of kids of all ages. In fact, I love it so much I am considering gifting a subscription to my nieces and nephews. My only hope is that I can soon download this on all of our devices!

Are you ready to learn more about Kidas and about how you can protect your children while they play online? Click the links below or sign up now for your FREE membership trial ::

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