Our School Community Is MADD :: We Love You, Abby

Our School Community Is MADD :: We Love You, Abby

It came through as a text but the words on my phone made no sense. I stood there reading that a young girl and member of our school community was fighting for her lifeAbby Douglas Family because she was the victim of a drunk driving accident. I couldn’t even comprehend the words I was reading. {Edited :: up to date information is now being shared on Abby’s Light}

The prayer warriors were immediately on duty while fellow parents were left with no words. My eyes immediately filled with tears. It is every parent’s nightmare to see their kids in pain. To feel helpless. To sit by and watch, while hoping and praying for a miracle. 

The fact that I didn’t personally know the child, as my girls are in different grades than Abby, is a minor detail. All I knew in that moment was that there was a member of our school family hurting. They are now facing a horrible reality, and my heart is breaking for them. My heart is breaking for the children at school who will never see their friend again. My heart is breaking for the lives dramatically changed in one tiny second that to others slipped by in time. To this local New Orleans family, nothing will never be the same. 

I was frozen. I gave up on asking my kids to finish their chore list. I quit nagging about their stuff out of place. I just needed to take a step back. I needed a minute to reflect on the moment. I was thankful that I had this moment. This small moment where normally I would be annoyed by the clean clothes not in their dresser drawer or the art supplies all over the kitchen counter. In this moment and on this day it didn’t matter. The reality of life hit me in the face and in the heart. 

After mustering enough courage, we had a tough conversation with our kids. We told them it is okay to be mad and sad. It is okay to feel unsure about the emotions. It is okay to have lots of questions. It is okay to not understand. School on Monday would be different. Moving forward, childhood for an entire school of children would be different. They were exposed to a heavy reality that no one should have to face, especially at their age. One person’s irresponsible decision has impacted countless lives. It is a moment that can never be forgotten. And it is a moment that should never happen again.

There are no words that I could ever say and no actions that our school community can take to make the pain go away. But we will certainly try. We will rally. We will support. We will pray. We will honor. And we will be MADD. 

My goal of writing this is to remind our New Orleans Moms community to say no when someone thinks they are okay to drive. Stand up for this family, give this child a voice and take the keys. Our city loves a good time. But don’t let another family experience this life altering pain. 

Hold your children extra tight. And send your thoughts, prayers, light and love to a fellow New Orleans family that needs it right now. 

To Support Abby and Her Family :: Follow Abby’s Light

If you would like to make a donation to support unexpected expenses the family is experiencing please Venmo to @akmilla or [email protected] PayPal. The parents in our school community decided to use Venmo and Paypal instead of Go Fund Me so all funds go directly to the family and no administrative feeds are taken. The accounts belong to the chairperson of the school mother’s club who is sending all funds directly to the family. 


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