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If you’re like me, your house is a collection zone of fundraising efforts for school: Box Tops, can tabs, Target Redcard rewards, and more. But have you heard of eBoxTops? I’m married to a eBoxTops-teacher and the daughter-in-law of educators, so I’ve learned to do all I can to bring much needed extra cash into the hands of schools. My son’s school has earned over $680 this year from Box Tops alone.

Now you can increase the number of box tops for your school with the eBoxTops at Winn Dixie program. All you have to do is register and extra eBoxTops will be sent straight to your account. The eBoxtops you earn are an additional way to earn cash for your school on top of hand cutting the Box Tops you already save.

How to Earn Money for Your Child’s School With eBoxTops

The good news is that it’s quick and easy to sign up for eBoxTops, so you can start earning extra money for your children’s schools today!

Step One: Log in to your Winn Dixie account, or if you don’t have one, sign up for one.

Step Two: Enroll in Box Tops For Education, choose your school and then link it to your Winn Dixie account.

Step Three: Once you’re set up, add the eBoxTops offers to your account and earn extra cash for blogfood-8423your school when you buy select products at Winn Dixie. Check it often, as there are new offers every month.

Purchase participating products you’ve added to your account, and you’ve earned eBoxTops for your school. That’s it! This month’s products are regular hits in my house. My kids absolutely love Go-Gurt (can ya tell?!), Grands are a favorite weekend breakfast treat, and I tend to sneak bowls of Lucky Charms for dessert when my kids aren’t looking.

Special note :: through January 21st, you can earn five Winn Dixie eBoxTops by purchasing any two of these: Pillsbury Toaster Strudels/Crescent Rolls/Grands Biscuits, Go-gurt, Totino’s Pizza Rolls, Nature Valley Bars, and select General Mills cereals such as Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, and more. I earned 15 extra Box Tops by buying things my family already loves.

We’re giving away $15 in cash via PayPal to one lucky winner! Enter here.

What’s your favorite way to earn money for your child’s school?

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