Benefits of Choosing a Catholic Education in New Orleans

Benefits of Choosing a Catholic Education in New Orleans

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A Time of Reflection

In closing out the celebration of the New Orleans tricentennial, we reflect on how Catholicism has shaped our city. For the past 300 years, Catholicism has been an integral part in the foundation of our city. In conjunction with the church, our Catholic schools have been a fundamental part of New Orleans society and culture. Today we build on our legacy and continue providing an excellent education rooted in Christ’s teachings to those in the Greater New Orleans area.

catholic educationThe Ultimate Advantage

A Catholic education is the ultimate advantage. Our family of Catholic schools provide a welcoming and safe environment, places where God is present and children know they are loved. Our first goal is to prepare our children for heaven. Our schools produce students who are taught to treat others in a sacred way, because they know that every person is created in the image and likeness of God. Students leave our New Orleans Catholic schools as individuals who know, love, and serve the Lord. Concentration on educating the whole child, spiritually, academically, and morally is what sets our schools apart from the rest. With Jesus Christ as our model teacher, we share our faith, we share our knowledge, and we share our hearts as children learn.

Diverse Student Body

Our wish is for all students to benefit from a Catholic education, which is why we serve a diverse student body. New Orleans Catholic schools encompass children from all walks of life, both Catholic and non-Catholic, those with identified exceptionalities and those with learning differences. Approximately 10 of our schools in the Archdiocese of New Orleans have specialized learning programs, which are specially-designed educational models that meet the individual needs of students. Over a dozen of our schools offer Blended Learning, an instructional model that leverages the use of technology to meet the diverse learning needs of all students. Our Blended Learning programs prove to be beneficial for students, as it provides a mixture of small-group instruction and personalized, differentiated learning that helps teachers more fully meet the needs of individual students. As the needs of our students expand, our offerings continue to grow.

Proof is in the Statistics

The success of our schools can be measured by the success of our students. Our schools prepare students for college and life beyond the classroom. Catholic schools have the highest graduation rate of any type of school system and have more students attend four-year college than any other type of school. Our high schools consistently have a higher average ACT score than the state of Louisiana’s average score, while they also received over $200 million in college scholarships last year. In addition to their academic excellence, our students performed over 400,000 hours of community service and continue to strengthen their relationship with Christ through school-wide masses, grade-level retreats, and daily prayer. When parents choose a Catholic education for their child, they choose an education concentrated on Gospel values and academic excellence.

catholic educationIn Mind and Heart

Our schools teach the mind and fill the heart with God’s grace. By choosing a Catholic education, students are afforded the opportunity to grow in relationship with God, and to build a strong foundation embedded in tradition, commitment, and intellect.

We have faith in Catholic schools and our students are an unfailing representation of why.

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